Nursing Shortage?

  1. 0 What is it with nurses? Are there too few of them, with shortages looming? Or are there plenty to go around? Which is it?

    A decade ago, the specter of the baby boom generation approaching old age led to predictions of a looming nursing shortage.

    The AMA's journal weighed in at the end of 2008 with a dire prediction from Dr. Peter Buerhaus, a top workforce analyst. "...A large and prolonged shortage of nurses is expected to hit the US in the latter half of the next decade," he said.

    Now, a few years later, a number of recent studies leave us wondering, well, what's up with nurses?
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    As someone who is about to enter into a one-year commitment to become a nurse I find this discussion quite important as well. Still I feel that at this point it would be foolish for me to look at job options when I haven't even cracked my first book!

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