nursing school admits up 3.9% - page 2

I hope the job market increases accordingly.....yeah right.... Read More

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    Quote from MN-Nurse
    Please post the data for "flood gates wide open for foreign nurses" so it can be debunked. Again.
    I'm assuming it'll be a picture of a gate on Santa Monica beach or something.... Ok yes this IS tongue in cheek.

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    It's all about money. Colleges don't care about the nursing shortage. They are bringing students in and pumping them out so fast. They fill their heads with false hope that the nursing shortage will soon be over. How many times have we heard that??? Schools are getting richer, students are stuck with loans/debt that they can't pay because they don't have a job, and many people are getting frustrated with the 500+ applications for 20 positions frenzy! It's really sad.

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