Nursing Round The Clock - Taking Care Of Patients & Child At Home

  1. Caring for a child with a chronic illness is never easy. But when you're a nurse, it means you're never really off the clock. Your skills, knowledge and patience are needed on the job-and even more so at home.

    We talked to three nurses to find out how they cope with the challenge of caring for patients and their own child with a chronic medical issue. We learned that clinical skills are an asset. Nurses are trained to assess situations, ask questions, seek solutions and make tough decisions.
    But when the patient lives in your home and in your heart, love is the glue that holds it altogether.
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  3. by   noreenl
    Not to diminsh the challenges those secial moms face, I think we also need to remember that ther are lots of us nurses who have "patients" at home and I wanted to recognize them as well. Parents, siblings, extended families and in my case, spouses are all a part of the situations some of us face on a daily basis. May God keep us all safe and at peace.