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If this article on yahoo is true, then why am I, as a new grad with a BSN, unemployed???... Read More

  1. by   karenchad
    It depends on where your experience is - ICU, ER and maternity(M/B, nicu and L&D) some psych, some home care. They do NOT want to orient us to work in those specialities either. Us old/experienced med/surg/tele/oncology nurses can go to UPS for a job. we can get per deim jobs- but per deim - we are cancelled more than we work. I am per deim- no benefits, $36/hr must commit 2- 12hour shifts in a 6 week schedule: and get cancelled for those 2 12 hour shifts
  2. by   karenchad
    And when you get caught up in that per deim game- you can sign up for every day of the week- what ends up happening -you essential are 'on-call' with no pay, translation- every day you sign up for you call in to the hospital in 4 hour increments only to be told" we're cancelling for these 4 hours" call in for your next 4 hours- THIS REALLY SUCKS!!
  3. by   november17
    Quote from deenasao
    um. duh! That's what we new grads have been trying to tell you. No one will give a new grad a shot right now. No one. I only know one girl out of about 50 that has a job. Not even the top grad in the class has a job. It's absolutely infuriating.
    I was answering the original poster's question, "If this article on yahoo is true, then why am I, as a new grad with a BSN, unemployed???"

    If its such a no brainer, why did this thread get posted in the first place then? Didn't see you talking crap to them.
  4. by   shortyrn77
    Well the point of making this thread, was for the unemployed new grads to vent.

    I went to a fairly decent University, and have been asked by my friends on numerous occasions, why it is so difficult for me to find a job. They continue by talking about the nursing shortage, and the fact that they see ads talking about the need for nurses all the time.

    Granted I am employed now, my inexperience definitely made it harder to find a job. Maybe the fact that you had two years of nursing experience under your belt landed you a job so quickly.

    I live in the city, and it is by no means easy to find a job.
  5. by   FocusRN
    Nurses are here to stay that is a given, but so is the cashier position at McDonalds. But does that mean hospitals are beating down the door of anyone with RN behind their name? I think not.

    I remember 4 years ago the medical section of the classifieds was 15 pages at least, with most of those being nursing positions. There were hospitals is states far away recruiting offering relocation packages and sign on bonuses not just for RNs but even for CNAs.

    Yesterday the medical section was 3 columns. Nuff said.
  6. by   >30yrsRN
    I wrote earlier and agree the jobs are not there in Meto areas.It does not surprise me since the unemployment rate is about 17% to 18%
    when the US Government is only reporting the 10.5% that are filing for unemployment not the ones that stop receiving it because their compensation time come to a end and some even have given up trying to find a jobs.
    A lot of nonprofit hospitals are running under funded for treating the uninsured.
    The nurses who have quit nursing are having to come back into the RN work forces and I think even some Family members are working in the same Hospitals by referrals even if it not nursing staff. The USA needs nurses but the job outlook for the new graduate is very grime for now. ( IMO) , There are so many RN programs as mention already popping up every where and the jobs market does not equal the graduates from these programs in these areas. Plus most States will not allow the Nursing Boards or ANA to stop these colleges from popping up in the first place. Where I live in the past two years there has been 5 new RN programs in the area that are not State Colleges. Even ITT is starting in to Health field with Hospital Admin. it will most likely venture into a RN Programs Degree Business. I do not think anyone knows how it is all going to improve for the All these new Graduates RN. We are not going to Out Source RN Graduate to another Country? Maybe there will be a company like Blackwater that will offer High Salaries for them to go into Iraq. ( I am being Sarcastic ) It is a sad situation in the Metro Areas,
    If you have to travel a hour each way to work and it a 12 hour Shift maybe two RN might want to consider car pulling together... it is just a thought.
    I work with Nurses who travel 45 to 35 minutes each way to work on Night tours and 12 hours which is not as bad as a Day time traffic. It is rough trying not to fall asleep on the way home for most of them.
    When I went to college I car pool a hour or more each way in Rain,Snow,Hail get my RN Degree. It takes stamina to become a nurse and work as a nurse.
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  7. by   Lisa1203
    doubleplay - I'd give you 100 kudos if I could. It's OK to want to be paid well!!! God forbid you don't have "a calling" to be a nurse & want to be one with every fiber of your being as opposed to just liking it AND it pays the bills.
  8. by   HeartsOpenWide
    I am reading "Saving Lives" and it is talking about that there is a nursing shortage but hospitals are choosing not to fill positions. If there were national nursing ratios there would be a lot more jobs. Why hire 2 nurses for 8 patients when you can hire one?
  9. by   cosmicsun
    It's unbelieveable. They flooded the market with nurses, pure and simple. Now, in many states, Nurses Associations are trying to get all these business, hospitals, etc., to hire more new grads in place of experienced nurses. This might be good news for the new grad you think - but it's not. You will come in at such low rates of pay, and work your butts off/extremely high stress level, that you won't be happy. What's also occurring with the excess supply is it turns nurses against nurses. The experienced nurses don't want the new grads there. You are taking their jobs - so they are not going to make your life any easier; however, they may feel sorry for you when you tell them how much you are making... Lastly, all employees walk on egg shells because you can be replaced at the drop of a dime. You will join the egg shell walk, and it's not pleasant.... And - - 5 years, you will be the experienced nurse being replaced by the cheap new grads.

    Students and their parents are angry at having spent all that time and money in nursing school. There really isn't an answer at this point except to discourage students from going to nursing school to stop the madness. This needs to be on the front pages of newspapers. People are STILL lining up for nursing school. There aren't any jobs! Let your newspapers know! This way, if the supply stops, and maybe people retire, get fired, quit, etc., you'll find an opening somewhere.... If the supply of nurses continues, need I say what the consequence will continue to be?

    Cut and paste my statements and send to your local newspaper if want... (along with others - so they know the truth). The only thing newspapers have been told has been from the hospitals - we need nurses (lie). This was intended to flood the market, bring down salaries, and have an abundance of nurses which resulted in worse working conditions for the employee. They will fire you at the drop of a dime. And, no, I haven't been fired - I watch the intimidation in horror, stay as quiet as a mouse, and watch every step I take. Nice way to live, huh?
  10. by   coastiewifejenna
    Makes me wonder if how my brain rationalizes what my heart says about how I should do nursing. It is crazy hard to believe that all the hard work to go through school to get screwed by the system.