Nursing Home Sued for Picture Of Dying Patient Posted Craig's List Without Permission

  1. Picture Of Dying Patient Posted Online, Along With Cruel Remarks

    ...Radovan Vojcic passed away more than a year ago and died from advanced Alzheimer's and dementia. His family had been working through their grief and focusing on beautiful memories.

    Then, his surviving son, Dejan Vojcic, was on Craigslist, reviewing political posts in the "rants and raves" section when he saw something shocking. It was a photo of Radovan taken while he was on his deathbed at Lake Cook Health Care Center in Northbrook.

    "If you look at the picture it's just pain, suffering and death," the son says.
    His father's rail-thin image was posted numerous times on Craigslist, along with derogatory comments.

    "It made us really sick, to see something like that, a year later," his widow, Rada Vojcic, says.

    One of the tamer posts reads: "Looks like Elmer spent another exciting weekend here. Must be overdosed on shuffleboard and bingo. At least he has a fresh supply of Depends to poop in as he fails desperately addressing every pro-Dem and anti-GOP post."

    The family's attorneys fighting back."The posting of this photograph is an invasion of privacy in its purest form," says attorney Erron Fisher of Fisher & LaMonica.

    "When you trust someone, a facility to take care of your loved one toward their end process, you don't expect that you're going to see an image of them mocked in a public forum," adds attorney Michael LaMonica...

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