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America could be facing a nursing shortage that will worsen exponentially as the population grows older. The problem: Baby boomers are getting older and will require more care than ever, taxing an already strained nursing... Read More

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    If there's such a shortage, why are so many nurses having trouble finding work? Why are hospitals in my region having either a total hiring freeze on nurses or just allowing a trickle of minimal replacements come in? I'd like to blame the economy, but from doing Clinicals & volunteer work, everywhere I go seems so shorthanded for the number of patients. I can't say there are too many nurses in the area because there are only a few smaller Nursing programs, and most of them have waiting lists and very picky admissions. So if there is a shortage, is it some other part of the country?
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    ps: i did send cnn a little note about this thread. maybe they can get their facts straight ---from the horses' mouths'!
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    The recruiters who specialize in going overseas and providing low cost foreign nurses are well organized to lobby Congress. They take advantage of these people and it undercuts our wages as well. Not to mention that they are creating a real nursing shortage in the countries they siphon from. My guess is the person in the article from the consulting firm is involved in that business. I know a good deal about them as a cousin of mine does this. It's all about the benjamins. We need to be organized too. We should write our senators, house of representatives, governors, etc and let them know our experiences. Perhaps we should form a task force and collect a huge stack of resumes of new grads with a personal story of the sacrifices made to go to nursing school and also the experienced nurses having difficulty too and present them to our legislators.
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    Quote from lee1
    What about the areas where there are TOO many nurses available BUT still they also have many foreign nurses? Don't you think that needs to be addressed especially if these foreign nurses have NOT become American Citizens. Maybe the limits on their visas should be looked at !!! In my area, this is why the new grads CANNOT find hospital jobs !!!!
    VERY GOOD POINT!!!! When I graduated nsg school I applied at a hospital in a neighboring town that wouldn't give me the time of day......but a RN who worked there told me not long after I graduated that they hired 10 RN's from South Africa! Experience being the key word.
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