Nursing Alert: International Association of Nurses

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    ALERT, many users on have been contacted by an "International Association of Nurses" with flattering comments, saying that they've been nominated for a who's who in nursing! many users feel this is not a legitimate organization by many of the nurses in this discussion:

    Please share any experiences or stories that you have heard.

    We actually got the following email from a doctor warning about this as well:

    I read with interest the discussion on this site around the "International Association of Nurses".

    I have no doubt this is a scam.

    I am a family physician, not a nurse.

    Nevertheless I was sent a letter with the standard "you have been selected as a Top Nurse" etc etc. I have great respect for nurses, but I am not one!

    The entire document, and the process behind it, breathes fraud. The exaggerated, meaningless language in the letter, the difficulty finding any reference to this organization on the Internet, the omission of any mention of fees in the letter, the hard sell experienced by some of your members -- all this is clearly designed to draw in an unsuspecting contact. The letter attempts to draw the recipient in primarily by playing on her or his insecurity and desire for personal recognition.

    I would urge all your members to NOT respond to communications from this undoubtedly bogus entity. I suggest that instead, your members report this letter to the US Postal Service or other agency.
    Nurses beware and make sure you do your due diligence before you send any money to any
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    Thanks Brian.......I got something like this a few weeks ago. I just ignored it.
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    Lot's of companies off "Who's-Who" books that request you call in and verify info (then buy a copy). Since I haven't done anything earth-shattering to be immortalized in a book, I just toss it.
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    I've gotten several of these over the last few years and at first was flattered but then common sense made me think twice about it being a scam
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    Yes, these kinds of scams are not necessarily new, but rather just a word of caution to help spread the word so nurses don't get sucked into sending money in and getting scammed.
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    What's with scamming nurses?? as if we don't put up with enough already!
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    Thanks for posting! I got this as well.
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    I got this too - it hit me through LinkedIn...
    I realised as the call centre person was putting the lean on me to provide CC information immediately - and started to baulk at the pushiness.
    I lied about my CC not being with me - and luckily, managed to dig up this information and another thread saying similar things...
    Phew! Saved my almost AU$1000

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