Nurses save life of pilot in mid-air.....

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    Wow, kudos to these two nurses.

    OMAHA, Neb. (KABC) -- When the pilot of United Airlines Flight 6037, packed with more than 150 passengers and crew, suffered an apparent heart attack, it was nurses Amy Sorenson and Linda Alweiss way back in coach who sprang into action and saved the day.
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    They should now be able to fly first class for free.

    Well done!
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    That's incredible. I know they don't consider themselves heroes, but I do!
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    I like the husband and daughter of the older nurse at the end. "She's a hero!" they said.
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    I love that they don't consider themselves heroes. Nurses kind of have a broken hero meter.
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    This is awesome!!
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    They're awesome!! This story gave me a case of the happies for the day. Just nurses being nurses
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    Pilots who land damaged aircraft don't consider themselves heros either. They are doing what they were trained to were these nurses. That being said, as a nurse married to a retired commercial pilot, Bravo!
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    Amazing! I have always wondered what kind of medical equipment they keep on board airplanes!
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    While I think nurses are superheroes, I have very little confidence in my skills as an LVN with only 7 months experience in an easy job which was 90% passing meds. So this article got me thinking. 1.) That I wouldn't know how to respond, except to do CPR, (is there something else?) and 2.) How could they start an IV without doctor's orders? I really want to know.
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