Nurses "Most Ethical" Profession - Gallop Poll - page 3

Nurses are America's most honest and ethical professionals, according to a new Gallup survey. Nearly 80 percent of the annual poll's participants ranked nurses "very high" or "high" for honesty and... Read More

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    i think that people who have been cared for by nurse appreciate the care that is given them when they are very vunerable
    some of the others i agree with
    i too have been ripped off by auto mechanics, now i sent a man who doesn't know anymore thani do but they seem to get treated better
    as for the news reporters the local peole are pretty much up front but the national people seemed slanted one way or another
    lawyers i have not really had much contact with, a friend of my sil helped us settle my parents estate some 20 years ago and that was it
    as for being any benefit from the ptb they will smile and say in their singsong way
    og course we always knew that you deserved to be right up there on top - end of story

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