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"The violent acts of one man have changed my perspective," said the nurse who was allegedly kicked by the son of Robert F. Kennedy The nurses who confronted Douglas Kennedy as he tried to leave the Northern Westchester... Read More

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    Douglas Kennedy states,
    It is sickening to think our simple desire to take our son outside for fresh air has been warped into a charge of child endangerment.
    No sympathy here, Bub. Not only did you risk endangering your child's health by taking him outside for some fresh air, but also by falling down the stairs while in the process of kicking that poor nurse who didn't deserve to be assaulted in the first place.

    Honestly, Dougie-poo, where is your common sense? Didn't Mama Rose teach you anything? Your parents and Uncle(s) must be rolling in their graves about this.

    Your newborn infant is in a fragile state in which he requires care. Taking the baby outside just because you feel like it or you think its best for the baby, shows a lack of thought and judgement. Your grounds are unfounded. Your excuse is a poor one. And, frankly I side with the nurses, and applaud the hospital for standing up for the nurses.
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    My favorite part that I read of these accounts was, the nurse reaching out to steady the infant's BOBBING HEAD. Sounds like new Daddy wasn't even carrying the kid in a safe or protective manner before trying to run out the door and kicking nurses.

    Now these hero nurses have PTSD type of symptoms too, and it just breaks my heart. Maybe if fancypants ER doc had stopped to tend to their possible injuries? I don't have "friends" like that and I hope none of the rest of the AN community does either.
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    That's battery, plain and simple. He needs to be treated no different than some who walked up and kicked a complete stranger. Arrest him, charge him, trial, and jail. And that ER doc? God, he must be just lovely to work with.

    I wonder what a tox screen would have showed on Daddy...

    I love how the lawyer is saying the nurses violated HIPAA -- Dad wasn't a patient, he was just a jerk with money.
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    I do not understand why the police has not filed assault and battery charges against the Kennedy. We are healthcare professionals. We are paid to take care of the patient, not to be used as punching bags by any cretin who decides he has a right to do whatever he pleases. I would definitely want to see some kind of justice done to protect the healthcare workers.
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    The single most offensive quote from this article, and makes me want to punch this wanker in the nose:

    "As these two people and their personal injury attorney continue their campaign to smear the good name of Mr. Kennedy, one question remains: how much money are they looking for? Though they won't publicly ask, we'll answer: They won't get a penny." lawyer Robert Gottlieb said.
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    i keep on asking myself, why was it soooo important that dad had to bring out his newborn (w/o a coat) outside, that it necessitated physical offense/defense on his part?
    why did he make it into the ordeal that it now is???
    this goes far beyond wanting to get fresh air for his kid.
    far beyond.
    i wouldn't be a bit surprised to learn that his wife is a battered and abused woman.

    the guy's an idiot, pure and simple.

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    i didn't realize until i saw the tape and heard the news commentary that he fell in the stairwell, with the baby, but i did notice the baby sort of dangling in his arms. does this guy have a drug problem or something? very bizarre behavior.
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    Glad he was arrested for his actions. If those nurses hadn't done what they did, they would be out of a job and might even be out of a nursing license. Worse yet, who knows what the real reason he wanted to take the baby out of the hospital? Fresh air sounds like a crock to me.
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    I love how famous people get treated differently. That does not mean you can do whatever you wish in a hospital. It does not mean it is okay to hurt the people who are protecting your baby from your carelessness/stupidity/inability to follow simple directions.
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    Some of the comments in those news boards are idiotic. Anyone who defends the idiot Kennedy in this situation is an example of what is wrong with this country.
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