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"The violent acts of one man have changed my perspective," said the nurse who was allegedly kicked by the son of Robert F. Kennedy The nurses who confronted Douglas Kennedy as he tried to... Read More

  1. by   nurseprnRN
    i didn't realize until i saw the tape and heard the news commentary that he fell in the stairwell, with the baby, but i did notice the baby sort of dangling in his arms. does this guy have a drug problem or something? very bizarre behavior.
  2. by   Isabelle49
    Glad he was arrested for his actions. If those nurses hadn't done what they did, they would be out of a job and might even be out of a nursing license. Worse yet, who knows what the real reason he wanted to take the baby out of the hospital? Fresh air sounds like a crock to me.
  3. by   nguyency77
    I love how famous people get treated differently. That does not mean you can do whatever you wish in a hospital. It does not mean it is okay to hurt the people who are protecting your baby from your carelessness/stupidity/inability to follow simple directions.
  4. by   Harp123
    Some of the comments in those news boards are idiotic. Anyone who defends the idiot Kennedy in this situation is an example of what is wrong with this country.
  5. by   hecallsmeDuchess
    I saw that news and could not believe my eyes. The hospital I had my baby in would not let you walk the halls with the baby in your arms, and I agreed with them. Imagine slipping and falling and flinging your arms or throwing it out to break your fall, where will the baby be then? As for that fresh air nonsense, I'm glad everybody that has commented on thinks it was a strange thing for the dad to say.

    I hope the nurses get heard and I wish nursing associations would do some kind of media blitz letting it be known to all clueless individuals out there that it's not part of our job description to be assaulted, and that offenders would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I'm not sure I've ever seen an ad like that but we need several of those because most people who step into the hospital think part and parcel of the services we provide include getting hit, spit on, insulted, assaulted, and it is high time it stopped. Dare I hope?
  6. by   CABGx4
    This guy definitely thought he could do whatever he wanted because he was a Kennedy. He probably will get off because he surely has a high profile lawyer. Hopefully the hospital will fully support those nurses and they should both sue him for assault and mental anguish. The "friend" said he was just protecting his son?? What a load of crap. Shame on that doctor for not standing up for the nurses and hospital policy. He should be fired immediately. And oh Yea because maternity nurses, or any nurse for that matter, make it a part of their day to randomly attack family members. We all know how strict maternity ward policies are and this guy thought his silver spoon gave him free reign. If he wasn't a Kennedy, he'd probably be in jail right now. I'm glad these nurses went public because the media was all up Kennedy's butt, even the fox news story totally soaked up Kennedy's lame sob story. The public outcry or at least within the nursing community should be very loud for this one!
  7. by   Momfirstalways
    Kudos to the prosecutor who pressed charges. Lets just hope the judge is fair. Also those nurses should be proud of what they did. Hospitals have policies to ensure the safety of everyone. They were doing their jobs and should be honored. Newscasters are going to support the dad because he himself is a newscaster. No one is above the law and the court system needs to show that.
  8. by   azhiker96
    Where are the felony charges? He kicked a nurse to the ground. We will see if New York is serious about protecting their health care professionals.
  9. by   Esme12
  10. by   azhiker96
    Nurses Association supports Northern Westchester nurses | Press Releases | NYS Nurses Association

    The Nurses Association supports these Northern Westchester nurses who were doing their best to protect the interests of an infant, appropriate with the hospital's protocols and their professional standards. Their diligence and attention to the needs of the patients should be praised.

    The association calls on the Westchester County District Attorney to fully investigate this incident, press charges if appropriate and to work with NYSNA and other nursing organizations to ensure this law is enforced equitably throughout the nation.
    This is good to see.
  11. by   TakeTwoAspirin
    If anyone knows of a legal fund for these nurses, please post. I would absolutely donate to help them fight this. Nurses really do need to draw a line in the sand on violence, and it looks like this case is going to be our stand.
  12. by   qcc2011grad
    I hope he gets what he deserves but I wished nurses would be more descriptive as opposed of just stating " just doing my job."
    If you are going to state just doing my job I would personally state my job is to be a patient advocate.

    In this incident is protecting this defendless newborn omg 48 hrs please correct me on the timing of birth but regardless a newborn without any immunization , so we have this careless man who is trying to expose a newborn to a change in climate from hospital to cool drafts , influenza( cold ). babies can't even regulate their temp

    No one is stating why the protocols are in place , Amber alert protecting children from been kidnap.

    To kick the nurses and he is not being charge for felony.

    I wish we could start a letter to write and petition to have him be charged with a felony even if is reduced to something else at least have the charge be what the law states it should be.

    and the Kennedy's lawyers making the statement how much money they want and about breaking hippa . The nurses are not breaking Hippa laws .
  13. by   RabbiAndy
    [color=#333333][font=lucida grande]i have a lot of experience of physical violence and the way people move when pushed, kicked, etc (don't ask). the statement that kennedy just raised his knee is not consistent with the movements and body position of the nurse and definitely not consistent with the distance she travels from the point of impact. significant force was applied to result in what is seen on the video.