Nurses' hygiene 'to blame for superbug' - page 2

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NURSES failing to wash their hands were today blamed for some of the hundreds of deaths a year in UK hospitals from the MRSA superbug. A shock study said basic hygiene failures in hospitals were increasing the risk of deadly... Read More

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    I can not think of anytime--no matter how busy, how many patients, or admissions--that Ididn't "have time" to wash my hands. NO excuse for it, IMHO. Some of these people don't even wash their hands after going to the bathroom--its basic nursing care and the most fundamental infection control.
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    Sometimes it is convenience - how many have the alcohol rub - I find that there is more compliance when that is freely available as it is a quick squirt and rub.
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    We do. I hate the smell, but it's important.
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    Quote from webbiedebbie
    Not to mention all of the visitors that come in and out of the hospitals.