Nurses Embracing iPhones

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    By Debra Wood, RN, contributor

    June 23, 2011 - Long a physician favorite, iPhones are making their mark as helpful nursing tools as well.

    Nurses are embracing the iPhone and its ability to improve communication and access to clinical reference materials. Photo credit: Apple.
    "Having a handheld device in your pocket all day is fabulous," said Karen Macauley, DNP, APRN, director of the Simulation and Standardized Patient Nursing Laboratory and clinical associate professor at the University of San Diego's Hahn School of Nursing and Health Science in California.

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    WOW! Pretty amazing! I'm kind of techno-phobic, but even I would learn how to use this! I can see how it would be so helpful in so many ways. I especially would like being able to bypass the constant phoning and interruptions it can cause in your shift/routine. The only negative I thought of is that it would have to be cleaned alot if you are taking it room-to-room, patient-to-patient. (thinking of the reported studies of the germs found on computer boards at facilities).Otherwise, what a terrific break-through!
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    Management: No phones allowed!

    Nurse: But I use epocrates so I can look up meds I don't know!

    Management: No phones allowed. Use the computer that is never available because we didn't buy enough. Or that outdated drug book at the reference desk that won't have that new drug your looking for.

    Nurse: ?????

    That's kinda how the conversation went when I wanted to use my droid phone to look up meds.
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    I guess I'm lucky. I may not be a nurse yet, but in the state HIV/STD department, our supe lets us use our cell phones.

    my iphone is quite handy. I have the most recent tx guidelines for all STDs, so looking up tx and dosage is easy peasy as I'm traveling to different county health departments. It came in really handy for my congenital syphilis case!

    I've also got it loaded on my ipad... if you have a tablet computer, maybe you can talk to your administration to see if THAT would be allowed since it's not a phone? but knowing most admin, they would still say no b/c it would connect to the internet and it would be too tempting to FB all day long.
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    My facility is looking into the Voalte iPhone too. We had a demo of it recently and it really is very cool, but I worry that the iPhones are so fragile. I shattered mine after only 2 months!
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    otterbox is your friend. I've accidentally thrown mine down the parking lot and kicked it while trying to bend over and pick it up. Dropped, stepped on, sat on, and tossed... it's still ticking after all the abuse. My otterbox cover looks like poo though.
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    Oh, I've got an Otterbox NOW.
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    I use my iPhone at work to look up meds and different diagnosis. We have computers that we use for charting, but they don't have internet. I thought I might get in trouble one day when my charge nurse asked me if I had my phone on me, I said "yes I do" to which she replied "would you look up that song by Adelle, I want Wendy to hear it." It made me laugh.
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    I have the iPod touch and iPad. They are awesome. I want an iPhone eventually because I use my iPod for everything. Organization, reference books, email, you name it. Everything except calls and texts. If only the iPhone did not come with a plan that costs an arm and a leg every month.
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    I want an ipad sooooo bad!! But gonna try and wait it out till they can make a version that can fit into my pocket lol.

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