Nurses and Vaccination Rates

  1. November 26, 2012
    The Power of Frontline Health Workers: Nurses and Vaccination Rates

    ... The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends all adults and children get the flu shot every year. Adults older than 65 and those with certain chronic conditions are supposed to get the so-called pneumococcal vaccine, as are young kids.
    The researchers found that changing who performs vaccinations - especially putting the job in the hands of trained nurses - was one of the most successful vaccination-promoting strategies, along with calls and texts to patients reminding them about the shots. ...
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  3. by   neurocheck2
    Looks like nurses don't have much of a choice or they will lose their job: TriHealth: Workers have until Dec. 3 to get flu shot | Cincinnati - WLWT Home
  4. by   Havin' A Party!
    Must facilities I'm aware of still provide nurses with the choice. Know several Infection Control nurses that refuse flu shots.
  5. by   sharonp30
    Why would anyone refuse unless they had an allergy? It always amazes me the excuses that people give.
  6. by   Havin' A Party!
    Some complain about the mercury and other ingredients in the vac. And additional reasons have been cited.
  7. by   Adenium
    Three years ago I got the flu shot and H1N1 shot within a month or so of each other. I developed chronic hives, for which multiple allergists could never find a definite cause. Spent hundreds of dollars trying at least a dozen med combos to get the hives under control. I am STILL fighting this battle. Just recently decreased in severity.

    This year my hospital required the flu shot or you would a) be fired or b) have to wear a mask at all time within hospital grounds except for when eating.

    My allergist suggested it might be wise not to get it, but seriously? When we run our butts off all day and are already sweating under contact isolation gowns etc. we have to wear a mask? And yet we will all come in sick because we're penalized in our reviews for using sick days........
    I ended up getting it, causing a resurgence in hives. I'm all for infection control, but the flu shot is not without risks. Talk to anyone who's ever had their life destroyed by Guillain-Barre.
  8. by   gcupid
    I find that there is bully approach in order to get nurses vaccinated. There is a reason why so many "professionals" refuse. If it's a necessity, make it mandatory otherwise stop harassing nurses that choose not to take the precaution.