Nurse Publishes Book and is Fired!

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    Although the book is supposed to be about the nurse-author's life I am happy she had the courage to write about her employment experiences while working at the Mothership, the main campus of Cleveland Clinic. Despite its inflated ego,the Clinic is just like all the other hospital environments, and evidently just as frightened when the realities of its organization are exposed for the public to see, as evidenced by the firing of this RN. Spoke with a couple of local book store employees and was told that after this story appeared there were calls all day long from people here in the Cleveland area wanting to buy this book. I can't wait to read it! HOPE Zurub goes laughing all the way to the bank!!
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    She says she's planing another book, what's to say there is not a publisher that won't pay a million or two for it. Sounds like a nice retirement to me.
    She is laughing all the way to the bank.

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    I don't see how she could remain working there after reading some of the excerpts - she talks specifically about co-workers and they don't come off as very nice. How can you go back to work and maintain teamwork and trusting environment?

    Happy Retirement!

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    Now that she has been fired for a book she says is not about the Clinic, she plans to write one about the Clinic.

    "I have 25 plus years of notes, observations, memories and stories," she said.

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    Just ordered it from Amazon. It's on back-order. I love it
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    There is no such thing as bad publicity in that business. She should thank them for getting her in the paper.
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    More power to her!
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    I totally agree ...more power to her....
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    Interesting ... The other thread about this topic (from a week or two ago) had a concensus that she should have known that she would be fired for writing her book. That's standard business practice.

    Maybe she knew that her firing would bring publicity for her and planned it that way on purpose.
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    Congrats to her for writing the book! Sad she got fired, but there are plently of other places for nurses to work. I also searched a few places online for the book & EVERYWHERE I looked the book is backordered. Maybe the hospital bought all of them. haha

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