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Nurse injects patients with bleach

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    I read about it earlier today. The incident happened in 2008 or 2009 and the evidence I read was weak at best. I sure hope they have it correct.. If she did do it, WHY would be my question.
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    unquestionably, tragedy all the way around for those involved and for the nursing field, if the evidence turnout to be true.
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    What I don't understand is how it's possible that two witnesses saw her (or so they say) draw bleach up into a syringe and inject it into IV lines. If this is true, how is it that those witnesses didn't even try to stop her? Why are they not also on trial?
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    Wow.... first I have heard of this. What a devastating story, thanks for sharing the link.
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    Not a local, so don't know the details. But the article doesn't specifically mention that the culprit was a nurse.

    Was she?

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    as usual, some of the comments from readers at the end of the article leave my head spinning almost as much as the story itself. one example:

    "time was when only doctors were permitted to inject intravenous medications. after some experience with the procedure, doctors passed the job on to registered nurses. it stayed that way for decades. rns cost more than licensed practical nurses, so rather than hire more rns, lpns were also allowed to administer ivs. then, rather than hire more rns and lpns, just about anyone was allowed to do this after a couple months training. in our hospital, housekeeping aides have been cross-trained in several procedures involving iv lines."


    frankly, the whole article seems to be missing some key info. what position did she hold? why did no one stop her? how do they know five other people were injected? what reasons were cited for the other ems response calls that month?

    things that make you go *****