Nurse Fights for License After Sex With Dying Patient - page 22

Link to the article: I've been discussing this article with my husband, and we both have watched and read some people saying that she should be let off the hook. I don't think so, but my husband wonders if 20 years is too... Read More

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    I know there are cases where "romance blossoms" but this was nothing like that. As a private duty nurse myself it makes me sick to think of how she used the trust placed in her and the access to the woman's terminally ill husband to engage in unethical behavior and deceive the wife in this case. No. This is not Helen Hayes and Gary Cooper in "A Call to Arms".

    There are so many posts here already. I would suggest people read #59 and especially #93 from rn/writer and NRSKaren.
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    rn/writer-nurse156 well said. Does anyone see any similarities between the core issue here and what is going on with the secret service agents? I understand one may or may not be love and the other no doubt is lust, the is issue is trust. To whom much is trusted much is expected. Both nurses and secret service agents are given an inordinate amount of trust by those who depend on them. More than perhaps nearly anyone else who will be in their lives who are not family. With that in mind, they both betrayed the trust of those who depended on them, they CHOSE to engage in behavior that they knew was a violation of the code of ethics they swore to. They made a decision to violate the oath that not only held them to a higher standard, but gave them a higher level of privledge, trust, and dependance of those who trusted them. The patients family also placed their trust in this nurse, just as the agents were forced to leave for a life time, some offenses make trust impossible again, not just because they are so grevious in nature, but so basic in personal judgement trust becomes questionable for ever. This is a personality flaw not an error in judgement, personalities are hard to change. This nurse not only cheated the patients family, she cheated all other good nurses by placing that doubt in the minds of those who know about this. Right or wrong professions can be judged by a minority of members actions. Lots of banks out there, very few partcipating in causing the meltdown...but. You either are deserving of a higher level of trust or you aren't, it shouldn't depend on whether it is to your advantage or not to be "just human". If this were a 49 year old male doctor and a 21 year old female patient, would you still think it defensable by the desires of the heart?

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