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Nurse Faculty Loan Program - HRSA

  1. 0 the health resources and services administration announced new grant programs scheduled for awards in fiscal year 2004.

    hrsa-04-086 nurse faculty loan program (nflp)
    cfda: 93.264

    application guidance
    legislative authority: public health service act, title viii, section 846a
    purpose: the nurse faculty loan program authorizes a school of nursing to establish and operate a student loan fund to increase the number of qualified nurse faculty. the school of nursing makes loans from the fund to students enrolled full-time in an advanced degree program in nursing that will prepare students to teach at a school of nursing. loan recipients who complete the education program may cancel up to 85% of the loan in exchange for serving as full-time nurse faculty at a school of nursing
    eligibility: only collegiate schools of nursing are eligible to apply. schools of nursing must be accredited as defined in section 801(3) of the public health service (phs) act and offer full-time advanced degree programs in nursing that prepare students to serve as nurse faculty.
    review criteria: final review criteria are included in the application kit.
    estimated amount of this competition: $4,800,000
    estimated number of awards: 80
    estimated project period: 1 year

    application availability: april 30, 2004
    letter of intent deadline: not required
    application deadline: may 19, 2004
    projected award date: june 30, 2004
    program contact person: denise thompson, 301-443-6333,

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