Nurse Donates Kidney To Patient

  1. An Emory nurse provided more than the usual care for a 23-year-old patient when she offered to donate her kidney.

    Allison Batson spent two years on the transplant floor of Emory University Hospital before her encounter with Clay Taber, a recent Auburn University graduate who fell sick one day after his 22nd birthday.

    "I was at sick one day at home and my mom was at the grocery store trying to find something I could eat," said Taber. "They called her from the hospital and said Clay needs to get to the Emergency Room, he's in kidney failure."
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  3. by   DroogieRN
  4. by   eagle78
    WOW, that is sooo incredible...
  5. by   fiveofpeep
    Insane but wonderful.
  6. by   Not_A_Hat_Person
    I think it's a huge boundary violation.
  7. by   JeneraterRN
    I am unsure what to think. We've all had that patient that we can identify with or personally like, and thousands of people offer to donate marrow to strangers. It's fortunate for him that she was a match, but it does feel to me that there was a line crossed. I'm not sure which one.
  8. by   pockunit
    I have to think the transplant team did a lot of talking about the ethics of it. I've already forgotten: didn't it say she wasn't his nurse?
  9. by   sirI
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  10. by   leslie :-D
    why would there be a boundary issue, when a nurse-pt relationship had never been established?
    what she did is incredibly amazing (and insane), but wow, what a selfless woman.

  11. by   lrobinson5
    She actually was his nurse, just not every shift. I kinda got a weird feeling about it as well, but I am glad that he got a kidney.