Nurse charged with Assisting Father's Sucide...

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    ....or that is what the allegations are.

    We were at a hospice meeting today and it was bought up; thoughts???

    There are more links per google...I choose the most current one...
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    The prejudgment contained in your headline is despicable.
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    I GRABS your attention.

    I pray the if I can't get my own medicine that my family would do the same for me....although hopefully with more smarts.

    As far as I am concerned her error was admitting what she had done to a stranger and not having enough on hand to help her father. He is 93! a World War II veteran, suffered from kidney failure, end-stage diabetes, heart disease, and the effects of stroke. His daughter.....Poor thing lost it at the end.

    The hospital fearing litigation revived him against the DNR....which are the patients expressed wishes. He was on hospice and ironically allowed to die taking morphine. He should have been a comfort care.

    Which is different......nurses increasing a morphine drip a few cc's an hour for their pain and by "coincidence" they die? OR..... allowing someone the dignity or choosing their own destiny with dignity.

    However....I see the hospice nurses point of view. Given the article content and what was presented.....I don't see what choice the hospice nurse had but to call 911 and notify supervision.

    How sad for all involved.

    My prayers to her and her family.
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    Moderator note:

    We need this to be discussed.....but we need to remember to be respectful and polite in our responses.

    Clearly this is going to be a passionate hot topic!! We need to remember to be respectful of each other in our responses.
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    Quote from Esme12
    I GRABS your attention.
    yep, as do all sensationalistic and misleading headlines and advertisements.

    I could just as easily have written, NURSE FALSELY ACCUSED OF MURDER... or so she says...
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    Quote from ♪♫ in my ♥
    The prejudgment contained in your headline is despicable.
    Where's the prejudgement??? What I stated was the allegations; in my subsequent post, I chose a SPECIFICALLY neutral article because if you google (as I did before poising the article) I wanted to make sure it was neutral.

    my previous 2,000+ posts are are far from judgmental, only in exceptions of personal opinion; and even then they are formulated in a view of reason.

    If anything, thoughts about the allegations is more my cup of tea, than ASSumptons about my title headline.

    To elaborate and expand; again, I was at a hospice meeting-that's how it was presented to me, I read the MOST accurate article-and POSTED it (GASP)!

    I have personally worked with this nurse in the past-when I found out her name and face when I found the article; so if anything I have been VERY neutral in the post, and will remain so, respectfully.

    In the meantime, I rather the thread to continue...
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    Quote from ♪♫ in my ♥
    yep, as do all sensationalistic and misleading headlines and advertisements.

    Pretty lame, IMO.

    I could just as easily have written, NURSE FALSELY ACCUSED OF MURDER... or so she says...
    She is not accused of murder.....Philadelphia nurse charged with a felony of assisted suicide..... Pa. Daughter Faces Assisted Suicide Charge - ABC News

    Please talk about the article which is the topic.

    I changed the article title to reflect the article. This is an important topic.
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    Im not familar with assisted suicide laws or similar cases, so I'm not sure where I stand on this. Do I think she did anything morally wrong? No. Was it illegal? I don't know. Do current PA laws indicate that she had an obligation to call for help when her father choose to take his medication inappropriately? Does someone have a legal obligation to intervene or get help if a DNR patient is hanging him/herself (or insert any other suicide act)? Is it ok to further assist the patient with the suicide if intial actions don't "do the job"? I guess these are the questions I have.
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    Only thing I see wrong is taking a DNR patient to the hospital to be resuscitated. I have no issue with assisted suicide when the person is terminally ill and suffering.
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    It appears as PA constitutional statute 18 section 2505:
    2505. Causing or aiding suicide. (a) Causing suicide as criminal homicide.--A person may be convicted of criminal homicide for causing another to commit suicide only if he intentionally causes such suicide by force, duress or deception.
    (b) Aiding or soliciting suicide as an independent offense.--A person who intentionally aids or solicits another to commit suicide is guilty of a felony of the second degree if his conduct causes such suicide or an attempted suicide, and otherwise of a misdemeanor of the second degree.

    Since we don't know if there was any duress, which could be subjective from the hospice nurse that called 911, as well as the responding personnel this case will be dependent on proof of soliciting suicide; the article states that the Nurses's father drank the entire bottle of morphine; she was asking for the State is seeking the felony count-section (b) .
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