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Nurse 'shouted at elderly woman and stripped her naked in full view of other patients because she'd wet herself' Source: Daily Mail... Read More

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    it is so disgusting how patients are mistreated, especially in LTC. Here in Hawaii, a CNA was accused and convicted of pinching 3 elderly womens nipples while undressing and dressing them. After he would do that he would laugh at them and I guess he figured they couldn't tell or no one would believe them because they suffered from dementia. The judge made an example out of him and sentenced him to 4 yrs!! In another facility where I was working as a private caregiver, the CNA's would constantly harrass and get their laughs from the patients(it was the memory floor). One CNA told a patient that a particular patient was pregnant from her husband. They constantly broke rules and laws, like when they were making trouble to patients and the patients asked to see someone else, they just laughed.Or patients said they want to make a complaint they would say ok, so and so was coming, but no one was notified and the CNA's figure they can do this because the patient wont remember. Once when the LPN was passing meds, a patient asked what it was and the LPN told him something false and the patient knew and demanded to know what is was and the LPN refused to tell him and told him just take it! Another time no one was watching a patient in the dining room and she fell so hard and hit her head on a counter ledge, a CNA told this same LPN what happened and she said, oh no she always sits on the ground, I had to tell her, "NO, she fell hard and hit her head!!" some people are just disgusting and this lady in this post should not only be stripped of her license but thrown in jail!!
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    Absolutely horrible.....I want to cry reading about that poor woman, and think about all the residents that witnessed this horror, who may believe that they will be treated with the same indignity and disrespect as this woman. That nurse should have more than her license revoked.
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    Like I said before, stip the lic, press charges and send to prison. Hopeflly she is a small pretty woman as there are some VERY large wemon in the prison setting and having been a prison nurse, well aware of their codes, they have mothers and grandmothers too. This goes for ANY person guilty of neglect to abuse. Do not tolerate it, PERIOD!
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    Quote from heron
    Slightly OT ... Cyndi, your posts are very hard to read through ... paragraph breaks are your friend.

    Those of us with old eyes have a very hard time with long unbroken blocks of single-spaced text.

    I am feeling the same way. You are making some excellent points but with no paragraphs, this is VERY difficult to read. Please break it up with paragraphs for better communication and interaction.:spin:
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    Her license should be torched. That is terrible. Not only is she spitting on that poor woman but also the values and ideals that make up nursing. What a b*tch.
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    This case makes me think about what if the elderly woman were my mother? I would be LIVID if someone treated her that way! If the case is true I would want more than her license. I'd want jail time!
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    Quote from blue note
    Nurse 'shouted at elderly woman and stripped her naked in full view of other patients because she'd wet herself'
    Source: Daily Mail

    Nurses like this should not and should never work w/ the elderly. the elderly are in a sensitive phase wherein the integrity is the issue of this population. If that place is understaffed , then one must leave for this is in conflict w/ good care ! We should have a staffing ratio regulation in this places also.
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    That nurse probable treats or treated her elderly mother or grandmother the same way... What a shame. What goes around comes around...
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    Quote from stim3jt
    This nurse truly gives all the good nurses a bad name. No wonder people don't trust the medical field. This is soooo sad. .:angryfire
    And no wonder that nursing homes/LTC facilities have such b-a-d reputations.

    As others have said, this nurse needed to find a different job a long time ago.
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    Quote from Vito Andolini
    It is understandable yet very distressing how many responses here include the wish to do bodily harm.
    True enough...

    but if this nurse had been able to safely vent/express her anger somewhere (such as this bulletin board) perhaps she might not have done this terrible act.

    It seems a lot better to get things out of one's system on an internet site rather than walking around as a ticking time bomb.
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