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No more smoking at work

  1. 8 while i understand that smoking is still legal in this country, and people have a right to smoke if they want to, i have to say that i love this policy. i really hate the smell of cigarette smoke on a person's clothing, breath, hair, etc....
    louisiana hospital to ban odor of smoke on workers' clothes

    alexandria, la. – christus st. frances cabrini in alexandria will implement an anti-tobacco policy for its entire campus starting july 1 of next year, expanding the policy put in place two years ago for employees of the women's and children's areas.
    the town talk reports the policy will prohibit the use of tobacco products by employees while on their shifts, including when they are on breaks. it also will not allow employees to work if their clothing...

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    Our hospital adopted this a couple of yrs ago but I don't know how strongly it is enforced. Employees are supposed to be written up or sent home if they smell like smoke. We've been so short staffed now that I can't imagine anyone getting sent home for it now though.
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    I am a smoker.....and I have no problem with no smoking at work and no smoking on the grounds.

    I cut that off at telling me I cannot smoke at all! I have always been a respectful smoker. I smoke outside at home. I don't smoke in a car when a non-smoker is present and even when alone, I smoke with the window open to lessen the smell. Before smoking was banned in restaurants, I wouldn't even smoke if the table next to mine had someone eating! (in the smoking section)

    I am never without my altoids for my breath!! I wash my hands shortly after to help remove that smell and by pulling my hair back most of the time, it doesn't reside in my hair.

    I do what I can to mask it....and NO I don't just take a bath in perfume! (From what I hear, that makes it worse not better.)

    I do what I can to make it better for those who don't smoke. I just wish folks would leave me alone to enjoy my smokes at home! (BTW, smoking is very relaxing after stressful events. I am from a family with addiction issues and smoking lets me be a functional human being while being addicted! ) Yes, it could be the death of me, but so could my car, or my kids(LOL - fam joke)!
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    Way behind the times!!! Many places have had policies like this for quite a while. Why are they waiting so long to implement this? Not until next July?!! Someone pretty high up must still be smoking, and they will retire next spring. Only guessing.....

    But when I first moved to Louisiana there were people smoking in the grocery stores!!! It was truly disgusting. At least that stopped a while ago.
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    I don't smoke and don't like the way that it smells or lingers on the hands and clothes. I don't know enough about third-hand smoke to comment on that, but I wouldn't want the peds being worked on affected by it either. I do, however, think that the social stigma of smoking in US society is getting a little out of hand. But, in a working environment you have to follow their rules though and it used to be an oxymoron that all of the ER nurses and other staff would stand in front of the ER smoking when they should know better.
    I feel bad for some people that I work with though because smoking is their stress relief!
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    We have implemented something similar in our unit...if a worker or even a parent smells like smoke, they have to put on a cover gown before holding the kids. We work with several people that just REEK of it and when they take care of kids and hold to feed them they smell like it too. We had parents complain, so hence the new policy.
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    I don't think policies against people smelling like smoke are practical. There are some people who smell smoke everywhere and some who can't smell it at all. If somebody accused me of smelling like smoke, my response would be "prove it". There really is no practical way to prove it. If you think somebody has alcohol on their breath you can do a blood test or breathalyzer, but haven't heard of anybody doing swabs and GC/Mass Specs of peoples' clothes for tobacco combustion byproducts.

    I'm all in favor of policies that forbid people from smoking on shift even during breaks. Many the time I've tried to find a patient's nurse only to have her wander back on the floor some minutes later from a smoke break out by the bus stop.
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    Start paying me for my breaks and then you may dictate what I do whilst on break!
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    I'd love to see the same rules applied to perfume and personal care products. Even when used sparingly the multiple products add up.
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    Quote from oldbean
    Start paying me for my breaks and then you may dictate what I do whilst on break!
    Yeah. Meanwhile, the non-smokers who have to cover your breaks never get breaks.
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    Quote from kids
    I'd love to see the same rules applied to perfume and personal care products. Even when used sparingly the multiple products add up.
    Kudos x 1000.
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    Febreeze does wonders, I keep a can in the car at all times. Glad I do homecare, no nonsmoking co-workers to run their mouths. MYOB, good lord.
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    Quote from OCNRN63
    Yeah. Meanwhile, the non-smokers who have to cover your breaks never get breaks.
    That is not their fault. Take your breaks, have them cover for you..