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while i understand that smoking is still legal in this country, and people have a right to smoke if they want to, i have to say that i love this policy. i really hate the smell of cigarette smoke on a person's clothing, breath,... Read More

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    I do not smoke. I never did. I never will. I think it is a disgusting habit. But.....each to their own and I do not preach to patients that smoking is not good for them as management wants us to. Give me a break. They know it is now good for them. My belief is that management needs to STAY OUT of what staff does in their free time. This is not WWII Germany.

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    Quote from FLmomof5
    isn't that a racist term for white people?
    I've been a white dude for a long time, but I don't think I have ever been deemed a snowflake.

    On topic: I smoked for 26 years, and loved it. I quit because my wife wanted me to, and because I had my first grandbaby and I didn't want to hold that sweet thing with nicotine-stained fingers.

    As a long time smoker, I realized that I stank, but until about 6 weeks after quitting, I didn't realize how BADLY I stank. I was standing just inside the door of a Sprint store, and this dude walked alive, he reeked. My wife noticed the frown on my face and said :Yeah, I know...that's what you used to smell like to everyone else.:
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    Quote from rph3664
    Are men also obligated to sign an agreement saying that they will never be responsible for one? I'm pro-life too, but this is really overstepping boundaries IMNSHO.
    How is it overstepping boundaries? That is a Catholic hospital. Catholics don't support abortion. They also don't force people to work there.

    If you choose to work there, you accept their rules, boundaries be damned. If you think it goes too far, you move on down the skreet.
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    Quote from ldnurse2004
    Another issue: wearing seatbelts, I choose not to wear mine and I choose to pay the fine everytime I get pulled. If I get in an accident and dont have mine on and get injured or die WHO did I affect with my choice ME AND ONLY ME!! It makes no sense personally, I agree with other PP Mind your own business and the world will be so much better
    Unless you can't pay for your medical expenses incurred in the effort to piece your skull back together, and the rest of us have to pick up your slack.
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    Sorry but here it is, any nurse that smokes is a flagrant hypocrite.

    End of story
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    No one is perfect. Even nurses are people who do not always do what they ought to.
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    Quote from mindlor
    Sorry but here it is, any nurse that smokes is a flagrant hypocrite.

    End of story
    So I suppose you don't eat red meat in excess or use salt,or skip the exercising or any of the other things we're supposed to do or not do to stay healthy??? Because if you do ( or don't do) even one of those things, then you, Mindlor, are the hypocrite.
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    Few things are more powerful than a human mind's ability to rationalize.......
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    I have enjoyed reading this discussion, the witty remarks, and interesting points of view.

    Here are my to add to the mix. I am a Nurse, but I am also an asthmatic. I am dependent on inhaled steriods to maintain the patency of my airway, and have been since the age of 5. Certain smells on people's clothing will send me into an immediate attack, even though I use Symbicort bid. These attacks are not as bad as they once were, but it still sucks to feel as if the wind was knocked out of you. Perfume, cigg smoke, even something like the smell of cooked bacon, causes me to have difficulty breathing.

    Someone who is a cook cannot help it, and out in public I must expect that perfume, cigg smoke, a whole variety of smells, await me. In a HOSPITAL, however, *I* as a patient would expect an environment that would be lacking of specifically offensive smells, like cigg smoke, perfumes, and heavy toiletries.

    Keeping a hospital free from certain smells is in my opinion something to strive for, something to welcome, not something to become irate about.
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    Violet, good point. The problem is smokers will smoke in the car (esp in colder climates) and then walk into the hospital stinking (sorry folks but it does stink) of smoke. I worked in a clinic for years and we finally got signs up for "no perfume". There is a certain perfume that gives me a bad headache and it also gives another nurse at work asthma. The problem is: people who smoke or wear heavy perfume do NOT smell it. But why don't they believe it???

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