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Here is a news segment regarding this issue (the reporter sends a couple of inaccurate messages, but the description under the video is great): I was so nice to see this on the news! I feel... Read More

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    I am anticipating that first break in the job market to be really rough. But this is what I want to do. I am anxious.

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    Quote from Riverrat2010
    I'm one of those new nurses who quit a lucrative job in the business world to fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming a nurse. After three years and over 50K in educational expenses, I find myself unemployable. While I didn't enter nursing school for the money, (I'll actually be taking a pay cut if I ever find a job), I certainly didn't expect to be treated like a pariah by hiring managers. Most of the employment listings in my area request one year of paid hospital experience prior to application. I am considering moving to another city and leaving my husband and family to find employment. I've been asked by several people if I regret my decision to become a nurse and I tell them it's still the best decision I've ever made; however it's very demoralizing to give up your life to excel in a nursing program and then realize you have no immediate future in the field.
    Not to be rude, but how can you honestly say that it's the best decision that you have ever made? I would wait to bank on that.

    To the OP, awesome post. I have been stressing the same point to so many of my friends who are pestering me about going into nursing. Most want quick/easy money and don't even realize what they are getting themselves into.
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    I agree with most of what you have said in the above post. However, please keep in mind that not all new grads are young and inexperienced. I may be new to nursing, but I gave this venture a great deal of thought and preparation before hand. I am willing to learn and work hard. I have also been working now in professional environments for 20 years. I am certain that other new grads fall into this category, and many younger people are also eager to learn. But we need a chance. 3 years ago, jobs were plentiful, and there was no issue.

    Fortunately, I have a part time RN position, but myself, and thousands of others have student loans too. While you may point out that new grads are a liability of sorts, this notion is at least partial BS. I cannot improve my skills and knowledge without working. I managed to survive four years of clinical without injuring or killing anyone. You learn as you go, and improve. New nurses should not be picky, but they do need some opportunities. There are very few at the moment, which is frightening. Instead of buying my house, I decided to return to school. I laid everything on the line for nursing. It is my second, and last career. Similarly, countless others are in the same situation, when facilities are short staffed, and nurses are overworked. It makes no sense.

    I think someone should speak out about this mess. Somehow, something needs to change for nursing in general. Coincidentally, I have witnessed this before in the 90's, which is the reason I delayed going to nursing school then. I guess the joke's on me...
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    "They" keep harping on the aging Baby Boomers creating both increased demand for nurses, and vacancies as they retire from the profession. Lol, as if the Baby Boomer nurses and others will suddenly be all broken down and unable to work anymore. *snicker* Although it's true that many of the Baby Boomer generation have poor health and/or have wrecked theirs with drugs, alcohol, and other poor lifestyle choices, there are not a few Boomers that have excellent health and will be quite able to work until they are well into their 70s.
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    I know a lot of baby boomers who are in their late 50's/early 60's now, and plan on working AT LEAST another 10 years full-time, then switching over to part-time or per-diem. And really, I see no reason for them to be retiring any time soon if they don't want to. I wouldn't count on having their jobs right away.
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    New grad can't do travel nursing w/out 1 year exp. It is the law.
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    So true. A new grad is not eligible for a travel assignment. However, a new grad can travel to any location in the U.S and apply for a job. Of course they will need to satisfy license requirements.

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