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This is the case from last year. I'm sure they will win big in the civil case. They should. Read article in its entirety:... Read More

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    Quote from canoehead
    Actually, I am saying that it was her fault-She had been to that ER many times in the past showing signs of illness, but not being ill. Lots of drama, and interventions, and referrals that were never used by the patient. Lots of faking for meds she was known as a drug abuser.
    Another reviewer, lawyer and physician Dr. Mark Brown, noted that Rodriguez had a history of drug abuse and that hospital staff could "rationally conclude" that she was only trying to enter the hospital again to obtain "food, shelter and narcotics and was not in medical crisis."
    The report said she had been seen at the hospital at least six times in the month before her death and had spent 14 hours there a day earlier.

    How did you get all that information? She had been there and misdiagnosed, so she was still in pain. Of course if she had a history of drug abuse, now would be the time for the lawyer to bring that up. Nowhere in the article does it mention these "referrals" or "interventions" that you mention, nor does it say that her prior 6 visits were to obtain drugs. A lawyer said it could be "rationally concluded", but never tied those 6 visits to drug seeking. She was never correctly diagnosed, so that perforated bowel may have been her issue the whole time, led to peritonitis, and finally caused her death. Her pain could have been legitimate the whole time, and receiving the wrong diagnosis led to this misconception that she was simply drug seeking. Good grief! How is this woman to blame for that????

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    As an ER nurse I can tell you that you have no idea what this nurse was going through on this particular day.. imagine being responsible for 20+ people that are sitting in the waiting room, imagine being lied to on a daily can you judge if you've never worked in such extreme you think this nurse was hiding a bed in her back pocket that the patient could have gone to, do you think she enjoyed having her in the waiting room in that about we fix the rest of the hospital so that we are not clogged up with HOLDS and patients waiting for YOU to come back from your smoke/lunch/bathroom break to take report so that we can see these critical people/maybe they should sue the floor nurses for not doing enough to make a bed, you forget that we dont have the choice to shut our doors when we get full, we have to care for every patient that walks in the door have no right to judge until you've been there!
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    I think it is very difficult for us to speculate on this case without the full picture. Exactly what tests had been done on this women on her previous ER visits?
    BTW, pain killers,discharge, and surgeon referral are very appropriate when gallstones have been diagnosed and cholecystitis and common bile duct obstruction have been ruled out. Actigall can take up to 8 months to dissolve gallstones, and is also very expensive. Gallstones can often pass through the CBD and on into the duodenum, jejunum and can occasionally cause an ileus that may lead to a perforated bowel. Just a wild grasp here, but it could of happened. We don't have autopsy results, though.

    Anyways, if the patient was properly diagnosed with stones and given referral to follow up with surgeon and didn't, are we supposed to force these people to become accountable? It is very trying to see the same people come in over and over again complaining of the same things because they are noncompliant with the meds and follow up we gave them the week before. We are all human, and I challenge people to not become the slightest bit complacent if you were placed in a situation in which you saw some of the same "regulars" on at least a weekly basis for the same type of complaint.

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