No, Caps Are Not Totally Gone

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    Nurse proudly wears the cap that defines her profession

    If you've visited McKay-Dee Hospital, there's good chance you've seen nurse Linda MacPherson.

    There are a lot of nurses at the hospital in Ogden, though, so what makes her stand out from the rest?

    Well, for one thing, she still proudly wears the distinctive nurse's hat. She thinks she's probably the only nurse in the area to do so.

    "My mother placed my first hat on my head in an unforgettable capping ceremony before I graduated from nursing school," she said.

    "It's a symbol of the profession, whether it be a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse."

    MacPherson, 63, a licensed practical nurse and clinical lead for Northern Utah Surgeons at McKay-Dee, said anyone can tell what she does for a living just by looking.

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    "She thinks she's probably the only nurse in the area to do so."

    Maybe the country!
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    Quote from Carolina Nights
    "She thinks she's probably the only nurse in the area to do so."

    Maybe the country!
    funny my sister who's graduating next month with her BSN actually found my moms cap from the 70s (who's a nurse too). She tried it on and just looked like my mom at her age. mom laughed because she totally saw herself in my sister all over again
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    What a nice story! Thanks for sharing.
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    I am 54 days away from completing my RN program...when I finished my LPN program many moons ago we did not have a capping only a pinning...this time I will have a capping ceramony and I just got my cap....I know I will never wear it again, but I like that we will at least get the chance to be capped.
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    Nice article..thanks.

    We still have a few in this area that wear their caps. When I was in LPN school about 6 years ago, we had a capping ceremony before med/surg started. We were than required to wear it to clinicals - unless it was an isolation room. It was weird at first, but then I liked it.

    When I graduated I bought a new one to wear at graduation. A few months later my Grandmother died. She was a RN and her cap was very old. We took my graduation cap, put her blue stripe on it and she was buried with it.

    I understand the cap is not practical these days, but I do miss the caps. I am old enough to remember when everyone wore one.
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    what a lovely story.
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    I wear a cap and dress if I have to work on Sunday (no particular reason, just Sunday).
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    Wore mine to my graduation ten years ago.

    My hospital has four nurses that wear full whites on a daily basis. Most of us just do it during Nurses Week.
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    To quote her,
    "I believe if a nurse goes home at the end of the day not learning anything new, he or she should probably not come back."
    That is exactly how I feel too! Knowing there is always something new keeps you interested. Good for her.
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