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Nurse proudly wears the cap that defines her profession If you've visited McKay-Dee Hospital, there's good chance you've seen nurse Linda MacPherson. There are a lot of nurses at the hospital in Ogden, though, so what... Read More

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    Quote from r0b0tafflicti0n
    Seriously. Only when men started becoming nurses were we permitted to stop dressing like nuns. Now RNs are supposed to start dressing like Student Nurses/orderlies again, go figure.
    There were always male nurses.
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    Quote from SuesquatchRN
    There were always male nurses.
    Totally agree, Susquatch.

    Considering how many posters are quick to shout the degree is the only way to become a nurse, it's a bit disheartening to see so many who don't know the history of their chosen profession. I won't go into lecture mode but it's out there, even during the crusades the nurses were male.
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    Yes....males nurses existed in the 1400's. Here's some good reading for anyone interested:

    And in case anyone wants to read up on the history of the nursing cap:
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    Quote from r0b0tafflicti0n
    Seriously. Only when men started becoming nurses were we permitted to stop dressing like nuns. Now RNs are supposed to start dressing like Student Nurses/orderlies again, go figure.
    Actually in my hospital it is nice to see everyone have their own uniform policy. It is easy for patients (and staff) to know who is who. Nurses wear white tops with navy blue bottoms, PCTs wear all blue, PT is light green...etc. I went from any type of scub at my old job, to the white/blue uniform. Easy to dress in the AM...I also don't look like a student nurse or orderlies.
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    Quote from SuesquatchRN

    HUNTER! That's where I started college in 1971, back when the earth was still cooling!

    Yes, am from the land that time forgot (Staten Island), though these days many old timers kind of wish the rest of NYC had forgotten about the place, esp those from Brooklyn! *LOL*

    It's been fifteen years or so since I was at CSI and not sure when they stopped the capping part of the graduation. Still will have a look see, although like most parents despite the boo-hooing that their baby is moving away, soon as one cleared the corner a contractor was called in to redo one's bedroom into something else! *LOL* Think this is to prevent chicks returning to the nest.

    Always thought Wagner's caps were kind of plain, and think they may have stopped giving them out sooner than CSI as they are a BSN program.

    As you know SI is kind of another world, so wouldn't be surprised if there are lots of St. Vinny's, CSI and Wagner caps stuff into closets, thrift shops or probably thrown out. Lord knows how many were left in lockers and subsequently rubbished when SI hospital moved out to Hylan Blvd, and St. Vinny's went through their remodeling.

    FWIW, you can order St. Vincent's caps from Kays, no proof of attendence required. Right up until it changed hands and became St. Paul's, St Vinny's school on SI kept it's students in their traditional uniform with caps, and had an old fashioned graduation with capping and pinning, last one was held at Sacred Heart in West Brighton.

    Above was taken drom the SI Advance:

    As for CSI's caps, IIRC one paid as part of graduation dues for the cap with stripe given at the capping and pinning ceremony. Kay's *may* have the pattern to make the cap, but not sure if they have the gold and black braid band.

    By the way, Kay's plant for making caps is upstate near you somewhere. Maybe you can drop in and see what they have!
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    Quote from SuesquatchRN
    There were always male nurses.
    Quite right, male nurses, who still make up less than about 6% of the nursing profession in the United States had little effect on chucking caps.

    Even back in the 1980's when men made up much less of the nursing profession than today, caps were on their way out, if not abandoned as a requirement all together by most hospitals.

    The push came not from men, but the "nurses in white coats", who saw uniforms and caps as getting in the way of nursing being taken seriously as a "Profession". The fact that the things often proved to be infested with all manner of "germs" and soils was icing on the cake to their demise.

    Quite honestly as with pinafores, aprons and even dresses, the practice of modern nursing, especially in hospitals is too fast paced for one to be dealing with complicated and often binding/constricted clothing. Uniform makers may have bragged about "action back" designs, but the truth was that if one was a healthy girl and took a good deep breath seams popped and or buttons went flying.
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    I want the Hunter cupcake holder.

    I was born in 1953 and only left the island in late 2004. I moved to Manhattan for a 10-year hiatus in the 80s-90s and didn't recognize it when I returned. Now it's impossible. I remember when the drive to Al Deppe's was out to the country. HA!
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    For Halloween this year I'm dressing up as an old-fashioned nurse, with a shirtwaist dress and apron.

    And I don't care how many colleges they pretend to be part of, it's still SI Hospital and St Vincent's.

    My brother used to hang out at the bar on Bard and Castleton at 11 pm, shift change for all the young 3-11 nurses.

    God, I miss civilization.
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    Wish I had my student's cap from the first go around. One of the few things I remember was fluting the new cap edge with starch. Since I'm pretty klutzy, it was no easy task.
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