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    Now you know why so many are protective of their caps, even if they haven't worn the thing since graduation. *LOL*

    I'd tell your "friend" to either get busy finding that cap or start looking for a new one. Hate when people ask to brorrow things but don't take care of them and or return.

    Kay's purchased the stock/patterns from a few defunct nurse's cap makers IIRC. When you add those to their already vast inventory am shocked they don't have yours in stock or at least the pattern.

    What school did you attend? Can you post a picture of your cap? Will keep my eyes peeled in case one pops up. Is your school still around to order another?
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    Thank you, DGTG! The incident was over 20 years ago and we've since moved. I had loaned it for her daughter to wear as part of a costume, because she said she wanted her daughter to dress as someone to look up to. This ordinarily very responsible person was completely offhanded about the missing cap. I couldn't believe she was so cavalier about it. I did ask her to continue to look for it, but her reply was a less than enthusiastic, not even apologetic, "I'll look around and let you know."

    Our caps were very similar to the Kay's Cap 722, but they had a small peak in the center of the cuff. I went to a hospital school that has been closed since the late 70's or early 80's - Akron General Medical Center. Kay's was not helpful, even when given the above info. I probably will get myself a 722 and call it a day.
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    Well never say never, with eBay and all you never can tell what will turn up.

    For instance pipe:

    1976 Akron General Medical Center School of Nursing Yearbook Akron Ohio | eBay

    Also assume you saw this:
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    To DoGood - I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts re caps. You should consider publishing a book on cap history and protocol.

    As I'm a cap afficionada, I'm sure our comunication paths will continue to cross. Just curious - is there somewhere to send pix of our caps to start a memorabilia collection??? I'd send a pix of mine with my pins.
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    Quote from DoGoodThenGo
    Well never say never, with eBay and all you never can tell what will turn up.

    For instance pipe:

    1976 Akron General Medical Center School of Nursing Yearbook Akron Ohio | eBay

    Also assume you saw this: Friendships remain vital for nurses - News - Ohio
    That's exciting! I do have yearbooks - in fact, I was thinking of scanning in a cap pic from one of them. Which I may yet do.

    I'm surprised to hear of the reunion! The last I heard from the alumni group was early in the 90's. I'm at the same address as I was then, and I've done online searches for the alumni group to no avail. Thanks for the article link - it was great to read! I didn't see it as I am no longer in that area. Jewell Cardwell was writing articles for the Beacon even back in the 70's. Fun to see her name still in a byline!
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    DGTG, I just reread the article about the reunion and saw that there were several pictures associated with it. While looking at them, I found someone I did know! She worked with my mom in L&D and they were good friends. She was still working there when I trained there as a student. Great moment of deja vu - I was very fond of her. Thanks again for the article reference!
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    Doing my happy dance!

    YW, t'wern't nuttin!

    Why not drop the nurse in question a line or something? Am sure she'd be thrilled to hear from you and that would also (hopefully) put you in the alumni loop since it seems your normal channels aren't keeping things up to date. Maybe next year we can see YOU at the reunion! *LOL*
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    Quote from DoGoodThenGo
    Again, lay nurses never wore wimples, unless it was during the middle ages or some sort of period when they were in fashion for women in general.

    Veils and coronets again are the likely source: A Nun's Story - YouTube
    Correct, Nuns wore wimples, Nurses wore the Nursing version of wimples. The relationship is pretty obvious when you look at them.