New York State To Consider Safe Staffing Law

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    New York legislators are considering the Safe Staffing for Quality Care Act, a nurse staffing ratios bill for hospitals and nursing homes that is supported by the New York State Nurses Association and the New York State Public Employees Federation and opposed by the New York State Organization of Nurse Executives and the Greater New York Hospital Association.
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    Do you know the status of this legislation? I did a quick search but did not find much. Do you think this will have as much success as it did in California?
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    Looks like so far totally nothing, no movement at all. However that is perfectly normal for Albany where nothing happens unless prodded or pushed by either events or an elected offical or officals that want it "done", such as Cuomo and Bloomberg on "gay marriage".

    My guess is the hospital/heathcare systems are fighting against it and are making the case they cannot afford it in these uncertain fiscal times.
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    OMG! Staffing ratios for nursing homes! Finally!!!

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