New York City Hospitals Face Pressure From Ambulatory Surgery Centers

  1. New York City's financially strapped hospitals are worried they could be put out of business by a new threat: rival "same-day" surgery centers that are popping up across the five boroughs, The Post has learned.

    There are 36 so-called ambulatory surgery centers licensed in the city, according to the state Health Department. Many of them are owned and operate independently of hospitals.

    Medical experts said the same-day surgery centers are the wave of the future as large hospitals become less important-the reason two Brooklyn hospitals are trying to block a new facility from opening in their midst.
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  3. by   RNdynamic
    This is only an issue due to fear of losing part of the market share on same day surgeries. Hospitals probably won't shrink any time soon; rather, they are just going to comprise a smaller part of the much larger pie that constitutes healthcare. They will still continue to expand.

    And keeping patients overnight at the hospital for same day surgeries with a low complication rate doesn't make financial sense, especially given the current economic climate.