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Starting September 3, 2012 under a new program enacted by Mayor Bloomberg New York City will keep count of all bottles of formula stocked and distributed by NYC hospitals. Formula must also be kept... Read More

  1. by   jadelpn
    Quote from JZ_RN
    I am not saying breastfeeding should be forced on women, but definitely pushed, and hard. It's the best choice for both of them physically. I think women should try breastfeeding unless it's contraindicated medically. If they hate it or it doesn't work, their baby will live on formula. But I don't want to pay for it. Any of it. Ever. And too many women refuse to even bother or attempt at it. It's best for the baby and the mother and they won't have any part of it. They think it's gross or they are lazy or they don't want to have to have an inconvenience, and hey, if formula is free from WIC...

    By the way, if children want to attend public school where I live they MUST be vaccinated unless they have an allergy to egg or the vaccine itself, period. No "choice" when it comes to safety and public health. As it should be. Sorry! Not getting your kids vaccinated is risky and ignorant in my opinion. I am not saying they should force them, but when it puts the population as a whole at risk... It's not just "a personal choice" anymore.
    Ah, but WICC is a government funded program. So you (and I) are already paying for it. And that will not change anytime soon. It is interesting to me that low income women are being given mixed messages....breast is best vs. free formula. And for those women who rely on their mothers for support, if one was born in the 50's and 60's it was pretty much unheard of in a lot of areas (and one got a shot to "dry up milk" regularly). And depending on the activities of the mother, sometimes breast is not best. It is a personal decision. I am all for educating patients on what is the best course of action. What they do when they get home is not the government's business. The same government who pushes formula.
  2. by   nursel56
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    edmia - is this the story you were referring to?

    Jim and Jennifer Stolpa and their infant son -
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  3. by   klone
    Quote from jadelpn
    But it is their choice. And a viable option. And it should be simple. And women need to not be made to feel badly because of it. Many parents are choosing not to vaccinate their kids. Do I agree with that? No. But it is not my choice to make. The government should not decide how one chooses to feed their child. Isn't it ironic that WICC pays for formula?
    They're not made to feel bad. IF they want to use formula, or if they need to use formula, they can use formula, and it will be provided to them. Nobody is FORCED to breastfeed. How would that even be possible? Sheesh.
  4. by   Elladora
    I wouldn't deliver there. To breastfeed or not breastfeed is a personal choice. For a hospital (or nursing staff) to even begin to think they should be involved in that decision is asinine.
  5. by   klone
    It may be a personal choice, but it's also a public health issue, and it's also probably the first major health decision you make for your child, so yeah, it is sort of in the purview of your pediatrician and the hospital staff to provide education and teaching on it. They would be totally failing at their jobs if they didn't.
  6. by   klone
    Here is an article that gives a good representation of the ACTUAL practice of what's done in those hospitals, rather than the hyperbolic visions of nipple nazis that some people seem to conjure:

    Public Health Doula: Reply turned post: The nightmarish vision of a baby-friendly hospital
  7. by   imintrouble
    Some of the women posting here are the same ones who would defend to the death a woman's right to choose.
    I guess it depends of what choice we're making.
  8. by   klone
    Don't be coy. To whom are you referring? At least let them defend themselves.
  9. by   jadelpn
    Quote from imintrouble
    Some of the women posting here are the same ones who would defend to the death a woman's right to choose.
    I guess it depends of what choice we're making.
    Yes, I am one of those women. Everyone has a choice. Ones that others before us fought long and hard to give us right to make. There's a boatload of smart, savvy women out there. As a nurse we educate, but the ultimate choice is the mothers. And putting formula under lock and key, (and I would be interested to know how many women would leave well before the 24 hour minimum as to not have to be questioned for a decision they have made after being educated on the importance of breast feeding) is just strongly "convincing" a woman that she is somehow less of a mother for not choosing to breastfeed. And abortion is another topic all together. Although the choices women make may not be in keeping with our own, we need to start respecting a women's right to make them.
  10. by   JZ_RN
    I'm not trying to say they should force breastfeeding. I'm saying that formula from WIC should be discontinued unless a woman has a medical reason for not being able to breastfeed. And that all women should be encouraged to breastfeed because unless they have a communicable disease, it is best for her and her child.
  11. by   jadelpn
    And just so I make myself CRYSTAL clear, I am pro-choice NOT pro-abortion. I am all for breastfeeding and think it is the best choice, but not the only choice. And the government getting involved at all--keep the governmental interference OUT of my private parts, thank you.
    And I am so very curious, with the government getting all caught up in women's rights, I wonder what would happen if they would make it exceedingly difficult to get boys circumcised or that all boys had to be or mothers made to feel like less of a mother for either choice? A personal decision, a religious decsion.....whatever the decision, it a personal private choice.
  12. by   NicuGal
    Believe me, I am all for breastfeeding, esp in the population I see, but you can NOT force someone to do what they don't want to, no matter how much you try to educate them. We still get moms of micropreemies that don't want to even pump for a month, what are we supposed to do, tie them down and throw a pump on them? What about the moms who can't breastfeed due to medical reasons, meds, etc? Is this guy even educated on that? I have also worked with moms who felt forced into breastfeeding and they are miserable to work with...don't want to put forth the effort to try to get the kid on the breast, they aren't educated about it and don't care to be. Sorry, but I feel for the New York people. Wonder how long it will be until there is a lawsuit about this. Our society loves this kind of stuff.
  13. by   klone
    NicuGal, nobody is forcing anything. WHat they're doing is providing MORE education, the requirement of documentation and accountability to the nursing staff for when an exclusively breastfed baby is being given a bottle of formula, and the requirement that formula be kept in the Pyxis machine (again, documentation and accountability, plus, it cuts down on staff theft, which is a huge problem). Again, I strongly urge everyone to read this article, which gives a REAL LIFE example of how this actually plays out, rather than all the hyperbolic crap that's out there.