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Critics blast NYC's anti-teen pregnancy campaign Just read this article. And I have to admit I am kind of conflicted. On the one hand...Studies have been done showing so many negative... Read More

  1. by   dirtyhippiegirl
    Quote from elkpark
    I like the ads, and would be happy to see more of them. While I'm not a fan of shaming pregnant teens for the sake of shaming them, IMO, we've gone 'waay too far in the opposite direct, of normalizing teen pregnancy out of wedlock. I'm sure there are plenty of teen mothers who "beat the odds" and they and their children turn out fine, and I congratulate them for making the best of a bad situation, but that's not the majority and I think it's only fair to be honest about that.
    Because, clearly, being *married* makes teen pregnancy all the better.

    /it doesn't, btw
  2. by   uRNmyway
    While marriage doesn't make teen pregnancy better, there are two aspects of that I'd like to address. First, like others have mentioned, in some cultures it is normal to get married and start a family at a young age. In these cultures, the family unit is seen as extremely important. If this is the case, barring abuse/neglect, the child is usually in a better position being raised by both their parents in the same home (put down the torches, I say this as someone who comes from a broken home and has NOTHING but respect for the single mother who raised me).
    There is also the fact that I feel teens who get married probably take the responsibility a bit more seriously than others. Not all, of course. But a teenager who is willing to take another big step and get married to provide their child with a good home most likely will do everything they can to provide the best for their child.
  3. by   elkpark
    Quote from dirtyhippiegirl
    Because, clearly, being *married* makes teen pregnancy all the better.

    /it doesn't, btw
    I agree with you and was not intending to suggest that married teen preganancy is a great idea, but just decided not to open that particular can of worms in my earlier post.