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Critics blast NYC's anti-teen pregnancy campaign Just read this article. And I have to admit I am kind of conflicted. On the one hand...Studies have been done showing so many negative repercussions on children born to teen... Read More

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    Not offensive at all.

    I especially like the one that says "Honestly mom, chances are he won't stay with you. What happens to me?".

    Chances are, he won't.

    Why not tell the truth to teens?

    I like the ads.
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    Parents arent so someone has to tell these kids what is going on and harsh truths.
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    I think the ads are just reminding the teens that parenthood is not easy, especially if you're a teen. I like the one that tells dad he's going to pay for the next 20 years.

    They did say a similar campaign in Milwaukee decreased the teen pregnancy rate by 35%. I think that's a lot better than the "just say no" or free condom programs. They also said each ad had a number that could take calls or texts from people who wanted more information. I hope it helps.
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    I don't find the ad offensive, but I just saw one or two comments on here that I found offensive. Maybe its just me...
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    Ads targeting the symptom of a problem are never going to be helpful. Kids need to be taught (at home and at school) how to access birth control, how to prevent disease, and how to prevent teen pregnancy.Harping on mothers and children already here is like trying to close the barn door after the horses are out.I know that lots of folks don't want their children to have premarital sex. Guess what. They are most likely going to do it anyway. Prepare them.On the other hand, nice to see that the ads at least mention that these children have TWO parents. Usually its just the mother who receives the criticism since she's the most visible part of the equation. I'd like to see info on the studies that show a < in pregnancy with these ads if anyone has a link.
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    I think part of teaching my kids involves talking about consequences of having sex as a teen. That's what these ads do. They are conversation starters.

    Don't let your hormones override your intelligence. Are you ready for the risks of having sex? Here are the risks (the ads).
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    Quote from Sadala
    Ads targeting the symptom of a problem are never going to be helpful.

    I'd like to see info on the studies that show a < in pregnancy with these ads if anyone has a link.
    Since the program just started in New York it's a bit early to expect a drop in teen pregnancy. However, there was this from the article in the original post.
    "The teen birth rate in Milwaukee has decreased nearly 35 percent since the inception of this campaign in 2006," Nicole Angresano, vice president of community impact at United Way of Greater Milwaukee, said on TODAY.
    You can read more about the Milwaukee campaign here. Ambitious Anti-Teen Pregnancy Program Seeing Success in Milwaukee

    To meet the city’s 2015 goal, the committee established a two-pronged attack. The first part was a massive public education campaign that consisted of ads that ran on billboards alongside roadways and at public transit stations. Besides the pregnant teenage boy, the advertisements, designed pro bono by a local consulting group, included one that gave a phone number and instructed people to “call for a good time.” When they did, the caller would hear a baby crying. Another ad showed a teen girl with a boa constrictor around her with the words, “What kind of man preys on underage girls?” The ad was meant to address the city’s high rates of statutory rape. Earlier this year, the ad company even helped install baby products in high school vending machines to call attention to the steep costs of raising a child.
    Besides the media campaign, which Barrett calls a success for the outpouring of attention it’s received nationwide, the committee has also reshaped sex education in the city. In the past six years, the city health department has trained more than 1,000 teachers and partnered with schools across the district to create a new health curriculum based on science and tailored for each grade. After three years of test runs, the city’s 80,000 public school students began taking classes under the new system this fall.
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    Quote from Nurse ABC

    I think the best way to prevent teen pregnancy is by promoting girls ( and guys) to have big goals, self-confidence, and helping them to resist peer pressure. I do watch Teen Mom with my teenage daughter and it in no way glorifies being a teen mom if you watch it. All of these girls have a very tough life having trouble trying to finish their high school education and college while raising a baby as a single mom. They are all sad that their baby daddy relationships aren't working well. The only couple that did stay together gave their baby up for adoption and they are still sad and having a hard time about it 3 yrs later. This show has opened up many conversations with my daughter about how decisions like these can affect the rest of your life. I also think it's important for girls to have a good relationship with their fathers. It's been proven that girls who have fathers that make them feel special and loved (in a healthy way of course) will be less likely to be influenced by a boy telling her that just to get in her pants. I definately think the self-esteem issue and trying to feel loved is the biggest problem in teen pregnancy!
    I agree with you 100%. Regarding the relationship with their fathers, I can only think of one Teen Mom from the 2 shows whose parents are together, and she is a complete witch (putting it kindly for the public forum) to both of her parents. There is only one other one whose father seems to be regularly involved in her life (at least on TV), but her mother seems completely useless useless as a role model (Chelsea).
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    I agree with pretty much everything said on here so far. (Sorry for making the OP and then disappearing lol)

    I think sometimes the brutal facts just need to be put out there. I think these ads target the wrong people. They will end up making those who are already teen parents feel like poop, instead of providing them with the assistance they will need. I think the focus should be on prevention instead of being on making teen parents feel guilty.
    I think it is great that they are putting some emphasis on the role of the father in this issue. Boys need to be aware that it's not just about getting your rocks off. There are consequences. And if you don't care enough to be physically and emotionally involved in rearing a child, you will at the very least be financially responsible.

    I knew a girl in HS who purposely got pregnant at 15 because things were not going well with her bf (who was a complete tool to begin with) and she thought having his baby would force him to stay with her. I kind of wish she had gotten that dose of reality from the get-go. Would it have made any difference? Maybe not. But then there would have been more of an informed decision made.

    I think what I find offensive on top of it all about these ads is just the generalizations they make. Yes, statistically those are just facts. But is it fair to basically tell these parents who are trying to make the best of a bad situation, trying to be responsible after being irresponsible with a lack of protection, that they are dooming their innocent children to a bad future? Again, maybe it's just because of who these ads target. I don't know if there is a way to relay the same general information but with a different target audience (used to re-inforce responsible sexual activity vs. shaming and putting down teen parents)..
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    Quote from priorities2
    I think this ad would be highly offensive, for example, to my Hmong friend, who had her first baby at 16 and now at 19 is pregnant again. She has been married since 16 and was doing what was expected of her by her parents by having these children. Further, all of the Hassidic Jews in NYC! That is just one specific cultural subgroup where having a baby at 18-19 is perfectly acceptable. I find these ads to be terribly ethnocentric for such a diverse city, not to mention shaming to both teen mothers AND their innocent children.
    The difference in those subcultures is marriage. There, I said it.

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