New Jersey ER Nurse Swims Through TS Sandy Floods To Report For Duty | allnurses

New Jersey ER Nurse Swims Through TS Sandy Floods To Report For Duty

  1. 2 Talk about dedication!
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    Wow. Just wow. That is amazing. However, am I wrong to think she's a little crazy?
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    I woulod have done the same thing. One snow storm it took me almost 5 hours to travel the usual 45 mins. If I didn't get co supervisor couldn't leave. She ended up sleeping at the hospital for a while....but in those conditions you gotta do what ya gotta do.
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    No thanks. Pts arent worth my life.
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    Surely they should have disaster management plans in place! This was a predicted storm risk management need to do better. These designations are done upon hire where i work and ride the storm staff allowed to leave early pack a suitcase bring everything they need, make family arrangements while relief staffs waits when storms clear to relieve them for a few days too. W have never been short for as long as i have been there. Probably cause they pay the staff for a full 24hrs even after shift is up and they are sleeping. Just saying better planning that's all.
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    Quote from Pepperandeggs
    Wow. Just wow. That is amazing. However, am I wrong to think she's a little crazy?
    Many local NYC television news shows covered this story including interviews with the woman in question. Some called her a "hospital ER worker" so one did not at once know she was a nurse, but that is not really here nor there.

    To a one the news anchor persons covering the story were flat out flabbergasted and heaped praise on the nurse for her dedication and determination to report for duty on schedule "storm of the century" or not. Anyone who has seen local NYC television news knows those reporters aren't shy about making comments (good, bad, snide, etc...) about stories covered. However this one is being listed along with others as part of the countless acts of bravery and heroism show by many in the affected areas.

    Ironically one hears more snide/offhand remarks from those *in* the healthcare profession than from the general public.

    Considering how much damage TS Sandy caused in the NJ/NYC area alone including nearly 100 deaths and countless injuries what would have happened if a majority of nurses and doctors simply didn't show up? If this nurse's hospital had been damaged during the storm and or lost power as Bellevue, NYU-Langone, Coney Island and several other NJ/LI and NYC facilities every available hand would have been required for patient evacuation.
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    Yeah baby, Jersey Tough!!
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    Amazing!! I think she believes strongly in her role as a first responder. While I'm not a first responder, I think they are all heroes and do dangerous admirable work everyday. Wow!
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    This is dedication personified.
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    No way I'd swim in flood water. Between sharks and sewage, no.
    Raft in maybe. But plan would have been to get there BEFORE the flood. But I guess that wouldn't get me on tv?
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