New CDC study: Number of early childhood vaccines NOT linked to autism - page 2

From NPR: A large new government study should reassure parents who are afraid that kids are getting autism because they receive too many vaccines too early in life. The study, by researchers at... Read More

  1. by   Jory
    Quote from usfgirl
    I can't speak to the validity of this myself, but I am an undergrad, and my Nutrition professor told us all about this - that the guy ended up being a total fraud. My professor proceeded to tell us that, while speaking at a conference in Texas (the professor has a Doctorate Neurology and Endocrinology or something like that, and often speaks to doctors, etc. on nutrition), he publicly detested the actions of this particular British doctor. He then described to us his surprise when, after the conference, someone came up to him and informed him that the fraudulent British doctor was not only at the conference, but also, he practices in Texas!!
    That just goes to show you how powerful the AMA is here in the USA and how needed doctors are here.

    Watch a nurse or an NP pull something like that and they'll crucify her (or him).
  2. by   psu_213
    Quote from BostonFNP
    I actually showed this article to a parent yesterday that responded something along the lines of 'well another mom I know has a friend with kid who is brain damaged because of a vaccine'. This is what makes me seriously question the informed proxy decision that parents make for their kids.
    It always makes me wonder why people are more likely to believe the words of a no nothing or someone who is trying to promote a 'controversial' agenda who has no science on their side, rather than believe scientific, peer reviews studies in scholarly journals.
  3. by   Spidey's mom
    Along with being a hospice nurse I work in the school district as well. And it is difficult to deal with parents who will only listen to anecdotal evidence instead of real research.

    California mandated a couple of years ago that all children entering 7th grade must have an updated Tdap immunization. That was a nightmare but we did it!
  4. by   SummitRN
    I firmly believe that no living human is responsible for more deaths and suffering in the world than Andrew Wakefeld, the disgraced former physician responsible for the fraudulent study linking vaccines and autism.
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    These are appropriate:

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    Those are great Summit . . stealing them.
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    Oh, and Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.
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    Thank you for sharing this article.
  9. by   Sadala
    The way things are going, we WILL lose our herd immunity levels in more than one disease. And I hate to see the outcome of that. People only have to look at Japan and Russia to see how bad it can get modern day when a country lowers the vaccination rate. But hey, I get it. People don't like to be confused with the facts.