N.J. senators' bill would track problem nurses N.J. senators' bill would track problem nurses | allnurses

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N.J. senators' bill would track problem nurses

  1. 0 TRENTON -- In a direct response to the case of accused killer nurse Charles Cullen, New Jersey's two U.S. senators on Thursday announced legislation that would add nurses to a national database tracking problem doctors.

    The legislation, dubbed the Safe Health Care Reporting Act, would add nurses to the National Practitioners' Databank, a federal registry of doctors accused of harming patients.

    Full Story: http://www.nj.com/news/expresstimes/...0639690630.xml
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    I am NOT willing to pay for that kind of crap. This is just another bureaurocratic reporting agency being turned loose on a specialized portion of the public. Just like a credit reporting agency this nurse tracker will make many mistakes. These mistakes just may keep a good honest nurse from working. The two clowns who dreamed this system up can have a bed at my place of employment.