Multiple nursing suicides in France

  1. Over the last couple of months, there have been (at least) five nursing suicides that have garnered media attention in France. One of the nurses commited suicide at work, and was found by colleagues in his office ; another left a farewell note where they implicated work conditions as to being the cause of the suicide. To this day, despite growing disquiet amongst the french nursing community, these occurences have not been adressed by the Minister of Health. French nurses are invited to go on strike to denounce worsening work conditions : higher patient acuity with higher ratios for nurse-to-patient; non replacement of nursing staff retiring, leaving a small team to pick up the slack; refusal to sign permanent contracts with young nurses, who cannot therefore plan for the future ; promoting "flexibility" among permanent staff (i.e. you can be floated to any floor without being precepted to fill in for someone absent)...
    Due to the nature of the work, going on strike means coming to work (refusal to provide care for our profession can be a penal offense if employer refuses the strike, which they obviously do) with an armband which says "on strike". The patients get cared for, work goes as usual, nobody cares... Until the next suicide ?

    Nurses in France sound alarm bells after summer suicides - The Local
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  3. by   MrNurse(x2)
    I would think being French would be enough, just kidding. France was in a healthcare deficit over a decade ago, the cost overruns are probably approaching the billions, though I haven't fact checked (too lazy). I am sure the government is tightening purse strings and clamping down. France has become more multicultural, causing issues with a single payer health care system. The UK is experiencing the same as they move from a homogenous society.