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    Quote from kmarie724
    I was appalled by that quote too. I am currently 37 weeks pregnant and I am uncomfortable, can't sleep, tired all the time and everything hurts. I would love to have my baby girl in my arms today. But that doesn't mean I think I am entitled to have an induction just because I'm ready. Clearly baby is not ready yet or I would be in labor right now, not browsing the internet because I can't sleep d/t pregnancy insomnia! I don't understand why anyone would want an induction/c-section if it wasn't medically necessary, but I guess I have a more natural view of pregnancy/childbirth than a lot of people. I trust my body to do what it needs to do and as long as baby and I are doing well, I see no need to intervene.
    I don't think people are properly educated on the risks of anything these days. I hear women all the time, months before labor with their first child, talking about how they're getting the epidural no matter what. They don't even realize that there ARE risks involved with epidural. I know when I was having my kids, I didn't get any education regarding epidurals, pain medications, or anything else. Same with C section. I would NOT ever want a section but so many people are so blase' about it. Cutting through tissues and muscles and everything else? WHO CARES? No big deal. But it is.

    I actually got into an argument with a person the other day regarding general anesthesia for childbirth. She was going on and on about how she recommends it and its perfectly safe and so on and so forth. She was 100% incorrect there.

    People are also not educated on the risks of taking a baby before its ready. My best friend's quack doctor took her two youngest way too early, causing them to be airlifted to a hospital 100 miles away and kept in the NICU for weeks and weeks. Both my friend and her doctor were "surprised" that it happened. Hello. No education there, either.

    I have a couple of friends who are pregnant right now. Since they hit 30 weeks, all we hear from them is how their babies can come ANY TIME now, everything's ready. Well, sorry, but you don't want that baby to come right now. My cousin was born at 30 weeks and he nearly died and now, 20 years later, he is still having problems. I know that is extreme, but still, babies come when they're ready, not when Mom is ready.
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    Quote from Elvish
    They're not banning them altogether, which would be nice too, just the ones before 39 weeks. I'm almost certain it's to do with the March of Dimes initiative, which is not brand new. When I was pregnant with DD (now almost 6mo old) my OB handed me a MoD pamphlet that basically said - unless there is a true medical need, we are not going to deliver you by any fashion before 39 weeks, so don't bother asking. I am glad to see this, because your average lay person doesn't realize the tremendous amount of fetal brain growth/development that occurs between 35 and 39 weeks.

    I had a patient a few months ago who was set to be induced at 34 weeks (PPROM on long term bedrest) who was genuinely shocked that her baby would end up in NICU for more than a couple days.

    This quote at the end was what galled me the most:

    "I feel like I'm ready?" You might feel like you're ready, but your babies likely aren't, or they'd be letting you know. Taking the choice of induction/section away from you would add to the pressure of being pregnant? Come on. I know those last few weeks are uncomfortable, but that's part of the bargain. You don't get to have your baby delivered just because you feel like you are ready. Or, you shouldn't anyway.

    Sorry for the soapbox rant. I am just of the opinion, having seen it too many times, that if you push Mother Nature enough, she will eventually push back, and hard.
    Whiners like her shouldn't even get pregnant. Where did she think babies came from, the cabbage patch?
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    Quote from OCNRN63
    Whiners like her shouldn't even get pregnant. Where did she think babies came from, the cabbage patch?
    Can't handle childbirth? Don't get pregnant. Simple.
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    Quote from mjmoon
    How would you define elective? My doctor said that my case was one of the time he agreed to do 'elective' c-sections.
    I think that by "elective" we all pretty much mean "because mom says sh is done being pregnant"
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    My daughter lives in Oklahoma, and is due with her second in early December. When she went for her first prenatal visit, the doctor informed her that her R/C/S was scheduled for 12/1. Neither he, nor any other private practice OB in her area, allows a previous c/s to go into labor...she will be delivering at the university, with midwife. (First c/s was e/c/s for fetal distress) Seems malpractice ins companies are calling the shots. Also seems like the "private practice md's" are about 35 years behind present medical literature...Pls all...warm thoughts and positive energy towards the uneventful delivery of my next grandson...
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    Quote from dscrn
    I think that by "elective" we all pretty much mean "because mom says sh is done being pregnant"
    Or she doesn't want to labor and/or deliver vaginally because she doesn't want to get stretched out 'down there'.
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    Quote from Elvish
    Or she doesn't want to labor and/or deliver vaginally because she doesn't want to get stretched out 'down there'.

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    Quote from CrazierThanYou

    Believe me.....I'm on your side on that one!
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    Quote from mjmoon
    I've never known anyone to get a c-section for convenience. I've known many get induced for convenience, but not a c-section.
    The inherent pitfall here is that too many women get sectioned for a "failed induction." Never mind that the induction failed because it was too early.
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    The longer baby bakes, the better. Until it grows to be 20 lbs!

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