Michigan Says Don't Believe The Hype, Job Outlook Positive For RNs.

  1. The job market outlook is positive for registered nurses in the next five to 10 years in Michigan, industry professionals say. Though the economic recession slightly changed the hiring trends for health care providers, the job sector continued to grow as Michigan's manufacturing economy shrank in the past five years.

    It's a different and decisively more positive outlook than other markets in the U.S., where 43 percent of newly licensed registered nurses can't find a job within the first 18 months of graduating, according to a recent report.

    "The employment picture has certainly gotten brighter here in Michigan, as the economy has gotten better and people have gone back to work," said Carole Stacy, director of the Michigan Center for Nursing.

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  3. by   JennRN1027
    HAHA yeah right!! too bad its taking new grads 10 mos to a year to find a job in MI
  4. by   morte
    perhaps another example of trying to quiet the masses.....
  5. by   hope3456
    I'm in Wyoming and our 50 bed critical access facility will hire new grads but trust me it isn't somewhere you want to stay very long. I'm not working there anymore but I know they are getting new grad applicants from all over the u.s. once they get experience they go back home but 2 years ago when I worked there I worked with a new grad RN from Michigan. She said it was nearly impossible to find a job there in acute care as a new grad.