Michael Jackson Death Has Pharmacists Fielding Questions

  1. The buzz surrounding Michael Jackson's death has pervaded the public consciousness in a profound way, going beyond mere sadness over the loss of an icon. As questions abound surrounding prescription drugs as a possible cause of death, some pharmacists have found that they are fielding a greater number of questions regarding the risks involved with prescription pain medications, according to the results of a July 1 survey from the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP).
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  3. by   oramar
    Appears his doctor is in deep trouble.
  4. by   Sehille4774
    Well Good! You dont have to be in healthcare long to realize that not only is that public severly under-educated about their health, Many in my opinion are uninterested in learning! Whats sad about this is that the public doesnt consider that while doctors and nurses can and do treat them ...it takes work and compliance on the part of the patient to achieve optimal health outcomes! This requires education.

    Personally I am sickened as a medical professional about what happened to MJ--on the part of the doctors and the family. Sure the family tried some interventions later in the 2000's but where the heck were these people to step in and help him back in the 80's? I believe that this addiction went on ever since his burn in the pepsi commercial. Of course Michael Jackson is responsible for this too...I feel he was manipulated in his addicted state by people who wanted his money.