Mercy Home Health Telemedicine Program wins Gold Patient Safety Award

  1. Mercy Home Health Patient Safety: Gold

    Mercy Home Health tied for the Gold Patient Safety award in Philadelphia Business Journal's Healthcare Innovation Awards for its Telehealth program. This electronic monitoring service helps chronically ill patients manage such conditions as congestive heart failure (CHF), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and Hypertension. Patients are kept safe by having Registered Nurses digitally monitor their health status daily and quickly address any change in the patient's vital signs. Substituting reactive care with preventive care is how Mercy Home Health decreases hospital readmissions while keeping patients safe and in the comfort of home.

    One of the most common causes of hospital readmissions is patients' failure to follow discharge instructions. In some cases this is caused by misunderstanding and in others by failing to follow up with doctors. Either way, hospital readmission can be dangerous for the elderly, who can be exposed to infections and stress that hinder recovery.

    Mercy Home Health, led by CEO Carol Quinn, is reducing the rate of readmission through a program called Telehealth. This program helps ensure patients follow instructions and also helps the hospital constantly monitor patients' health.

    The program serves more than 1,500 patients throughout the five-county Philadelphia area. It has been proven to significantly reduce readmissions rates. The current readmissions rate to Mercy Health after 30 days of discharge is only 5.9 percent, compared to 24 percent on average for hospitals throughout the region.
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