Marathon CPR session saves a life

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    What an incredible story!!

    More than 20 people performed CPR on a dying Minnesota man for more than an hour and a half in what is believed to be the longest successful resuscitation ever performed outside a hospital.

    Howard Snitzer, 54, had just finished a workout one January evening and stopped to buy some groceries on his way home in the little town of Goodhue, Minn., where he lives. Before he could reach the store, however, he suffered a massive heart attack and collapsed on the sidewalk.

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    Small town love made visible. Wonderful!
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    Wow! Wonderful story~
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    Fantastic! What an amazing story. That town has a lot to celebrate.
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    score one for the good guys..
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    I am a firm believer that the last 4 years in high school should include CPR certification/learning every year. I think if we did that, then there would always be someone around who at least remembered enough to save a life.
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    Just, wow. amazing story.
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    Awesome story and pretty amazing that in a small town 20 people knew how to do CPR! I highly doubt that would happen my large Chicago suburan area...
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    I hope he quits smoking!

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