Man's Suicide shown on TV

  1. THESE shocking pictures reveal the moment a man kills himself at a suicide clinic in Switzerland.
    The chilling scenes show Craig Ewert, 59, who had motor neurone disease, setting a timer to switch off his ventilator before drinking lethal sedatives.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    This is horrible enough as it is - let alone televise it.
  4. by   Jo Dirt
    I'm not clicking on the link. It adds insult to injury for this poor man's plight to watch it like it is a freak show.
  5. by   robydoby
    I did click on the link. and I did read the story. I was moved by the story. I have been a nurse for 15 years. I have worked in several hospital settings as well as Hospice. I am a firm believer in a DNR and upholding the patients wishes above all else. Suicide is a tricky subject. My daughter is 14 and suffers from bipolar disorder. Before being diagnosed correctly, she attempted suicide. That is undoubtly one of the worst days of my life. I had her commited. However In this situation, I dont feel that it is all wrong. He talked to his family, he was given information and knew what was going to happen. he chose to end his suffering, as well as the suffering of his family. Who is to say if what he did is right or wrong? I have learned in my nursing career that their are worse things than dying. To see patients lay and suffer for days on end when you know that they never wanted to be intubated or tube fed- that should be a crime in my book.
  6. by   mikesrn
    I watched the video as well.I have to wonder were there any discussions by his physicians about the true nature of his disease and the fact he was terminal.Also did they discuss advance directives,and hospice.This poor man and his family wanted to end his suffering.I realize this is a slippery slope but some how the medical community could have done better by him.
  7. by   jmgrn65
    Quote from GoLytely
    I'm not clicking on the link. It adds insult to injury for this poor man's plight to watch it like it is a freak show.
    I looked at it, the man wanted the camera's there. So by not clicking on the link is actually adding insult to injury.
  8. by   UTHSCSA-Hopeful
    I did click on the link and would watch the documentary. Death is not a freak show but a part of life. Some people have long, slow, drawn-out and painful deaths. I think they should have the option of euthanasia if they are terminally ill. This definitely sheds new light on the debate of legalized euthanasia.

    I guess my biggest problem with all this is that we allow animals an escape from painful terminal illnesses but we won't allow humans that luxury if that's the route they wish to take.

    In the article it said he can have death or he can have suffering and then death. I am glad he had to ability to choose which route he wanted to take. He was given a quick death, on his own terms, where his wife was by his side.

    Edited to add: I also think since passive suicide (DNR) is legal, active suicide should be legal for the terminally ill experiencing severe pain.
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  9. by   FireStarterRN
    I personally don't believe turning off a ventilator is suicide. From the photo, it looks more like a Bi-pap machine, however.
  10. by   Iam46yearsold
    What has happened to free will and freedom of belief.
  11. by   Jo Dirt
    Quote from jmgrn65
    I looked at it, the man wanted the camera's there. So by not clicking on the link is actually adding insult to injury.
    It doesn't matter to me the man wanted people to see it. It's the equivalent of rubberneckers at a train wreck.
  12. by   rph3664
    Remember when "60 Minutes" showed a Kevorkian-assisted suicide? It was about 10 years ago, and was the reason Dr. Kevorkian went to prison.
  13. by   FireStarterRN
    If turning off a ventilator is assisted suicide, I'm guilty, both as a nurse and having made that painful decision for a close family member.
  14. by   L&DWannabe
    I definitely feel for that man and his family. Whether you agree with what he did or not, it's hard not to empathize and understand why he would want to end his life. Having the choice of a painful death or a painless death is an obvious choice. Whether it is "moral" and "humane" is still up for debate. As a Christian issue, most believe suicide is wrong. However, we also must consider most of those alive and suffering would not be alive if it weren't for all of the medical procedures and machinery chemically and mechanically sustaining an otherwise helpless body.
    I also agree that it is a double standard that it is "humane" to put-down an animal that is suffering, but unthinkable and illegal to do so for a human being.
    I really do think that this should be left up to an individual to decide and not mandated by law. Is it "moral" to assist in suicide? Maybe not. But should it be illegal? No. If something like ABORTION that IS legal, where the fetus in question is never given the choice whether it wants to live or die- yet millions are preformed a year- with the argument that it is the choice of the mother to decide what to do with her body- why should death of the adult be less legal?It is easy for legislature to mandate laws while sitting in their suits in healthy bodies living full lives, but it would be interesting to see how they feel about the issue if they were in such suffering.
    Personally, I am AGAINST assisted suicide- due to my own personal religious beliefs, morals, and thought processes, but should my OPINION mandate another person's destiny? I don't think so. I don't think that is fair. When something is VOLUNTARY, whether the outcome be good or bad, it should be allowed. (this is a problem that I have with abortion because I believe only one of the two "lives" has given consent.- not to stir the pot because I know that is off topic- but since I compared them I figured I would give my stand).

    Either way,this was a touching story and I hope that man may rest in peace.