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    Quote from Stanley-RN2B
    While I'll not comment on the 'sarcastic' meaning 'behind' your post, I'll comment on your outward meaning.

    Been bipolar 2 all my life, along with that comes depression. I've been depressed most of my life and suicidally depressed at least half. My daughter also died making those previous things worse.

    You REALLY think I fear death. Some mornings I wake up longing for it.

    So be flippant if you wish. People HAVE overcome their instincts.

    I guess those elderly people that come to terms with their deaths or even the subject of the this thread are exceptions?

    One day you may find that there are things in life scarier and WORSE than death. I hope that day never comes...
    Stanley, I know what it's like to go to bed and dread waking up. I've suffered depression most of my life. A lot of it is due to outside influences but it runs in my family, too. It's hard for people who have not had to deal with it on the kind of scale you're talking about to understand, but I might have an idea of where you're coming from. Mental illness is more painful than dealing with a physical ailment, and sometimes you just want the pain to stop.

    I find this post touching because I feel like I can identify with so much of what you're saying.

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