Man's Constantly Running Nose Caused By Leaking Brain Fluid

  1. 0 A man recently found out that his chronic runny nose - which had sometimes persisted throughout the entire calendar year - was not caused by allergies.

    His brain was leaking fluid, and doctors had to perform surgery to fix the problem.

    The patient, Joe Nagy, first noticed the issue one morning after waking up, KSAZ-TV reports.

    When allergy medication and a constant supply of tissues didn't help, he turned to experts to find the source of the problem.

    And it was then that he found out his problem-leaking brain fluid caused by a tiny hole in his brain.

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    Nurses, have you ever seen this condition?

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    I have seen CSF leaks but mostly due to pituitary tumor removal.
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    Yes, saw it back in the mid-80's. A woman had cosmetic surgery (a nose job) and ended up with a tiny crack that was leaking. She took the doctor to court, but I don't remember the outcome.
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    Nooooo!!...thank goodness!! lol

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