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    [quote=HeartsOpenWide;3884227]If we do not get our flu shots then we have to wear a mask for the ENTIRE FLU SEASON. but what is this going to make our patients think seeing their nurses wearing masks because they might have been exposed to the flu despite the flu vaccinations; especially in my department of labor and delivery,

    I would not want you taking care of me if you wear a mask under those circumstances, but because I then know that you were not vaccinated. I work in a public health setting, and the CDC has hammered into our heads that health care workers will be on the front line of those spreading this virus. I had the shot and had no ill effects, not even the sore arm the seasonal shot gives you. The precautions being taken after exposure are too little too late, CDC says the most contageous period is the 24 hr period before you become symptomatic. I have been giving flu shots long enough to see the pattern. Make them mandantory and people will resist. Tell them there is a shortage and they can't have a shot, and they will line up around the block...... I respect your right not to get vaccinated, but you do have an ethical responsibility to do so if you are delivering direct patient care. Especially in labor and delivery. Luckily for your worksetting, most pregnant women are getting vaccinated to protect their babies.
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    Actually, there is also plenty of evidence bringing the efficacy of flu shots into question. Mandating flu shots is not the way to prevent the spread of the flu. Have you not worked with patients and coworkers that were immunized and got the flu anyways? It should always be up to the individual; drugs should not be forced in any way in a free society. All drugs have risks.
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    Are you kidding me? No evidence that mercury will harm the fetus? Then why do they tell pregnant women not to eat tuna? Why must even a tiny oamount of mercury be removed by a hazmat team? To discuss evidence, I would like to mention what is clearly stated in the flu vaccine package insert of a major brand. It states it is not known if trhe vaccine will harm pregnant women, the fetus or nursing babies. It states that it ws tested on 31 kids between 6 and 24 m old for safety. We must consider evidence of safety in addition to evidence of harm. It seems to me that the risk of the flu is generally a small risk. A few days in bed and some chicken soup for most people.

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