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Cops found the first 2....then found the 3rd 2 hours later. Now, what I want to know many of us who work in hospitals IMMEDIATELY thought of specific people when they watched this video? I found my self thinking,... Read More

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    All ER's across the country should have metal detectors and armed security, as was previously mentioned, it is a highly stressful environment for staff as well as patients and their families. We have all seen how the death of a family member turns even the most docile individuals into someone the own family would not recognize. I dont agree with the previous comment I just read, but that is a debate that has and will last for ages.

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    Quote from daisydoll
    I have always wondered why security isn't tighter in ER's. There should be metal detectors and inspection by a security officer before you are allowed in.
    What good does a metal detector do? If someone is intent on doing harm, the person manning the metal detector will be the first one shot. Without warning. BANG. Now our shooter is free to enter the facility and expend the rest of his/her ammo. You guys watch too much TV.
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    Quote from ghillbert
    Where's the surprise? Would be smarter to quit letting Tom, Dick and Harry carry guns instead of locking down the ERs...
    here in Chicago we law abiding citizens have no second amendment right. The thugs and gangstas however have lots of firearms they discharge all over the place. laws prohibit carrying guns into churches, hospitals but that's only for people who OBEY the law. Better to enforce the law with a lockdown (though no one will because of cost and "customer service") than leave people free will. Will take a major law suit to change lack of safety.
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    Quote from Sleepless In Canada
    Maybe a stupid question but why doesn't some of the staff carry concealed??
    Well- some probably do. Generally though most employers in general have policies against weapons. One typically would get swiftly fired if found with a firearm. Second for example the state I reside in it illegal to take a firearm into a hospital even if one were to have a permit to carry or not.

    That aside I know a number a years ago I worked nights. In the locker room at the beginning of the shift one could recognize the distinct sound of multiple firearms hitting locker shelves at this particular inner city hospital. People were that worried about the walk from the parking lot to the car and back each day.
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    Quote from nurse12b
    Ehat does Prof. Gates and Sgt. Crowley have to do with anything in this post?
    The common denominator is sloppy police work in both instances. NOt sure how to clarify better; sorry.
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    i say we nurses should wear bullet proof scrubs..
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    Quote from ghillbert
    Where's the surprise? Would be smarter to quit letting Tom, Dick and Harry carry guns instead of locking down the ERs...
    Just think about what kind of guy this was! Quit letting them carry guns? ...Why not quit letting them bring guns into the ER?
    I'm sure he wasn't carrying legal anyway. If the LEO's didn't find the 3rd gun on the guy during a patdown, then the lockdown is probably pointless too.
    Let the LEGAL citizens carry, and there might be someone there to prevent a mass-murder.
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