LSU Hospitals lay off 4,000 --transtion to private partnerships operating facilities

  1. Louisiana state transitioning health services to private operations; employees can reapply for positions with the new hospital managers. Karen

    Civil Service clears layoffs of LSU hospital employees
    Shreveport Times
    June 10th, 2013

    BATON ROUGE - The Louisiana Civil Service Commission has cleared the way for the state to lay off nearly 4,000 employees at LSU hospitals in Lafayette, Lake Charles, Houma and New Orleans.

    With a 3-2 vote,the commission gave approval for 3,976 employees, 2,771 of whom are classified state Civil Service, to receive pink slips effective "at the end of business June 23."

    Commission approval was another step in Gov. Bobby Jindal's move to get the state out of the hospital business and privatize their operations. It was the final step for the four hospitals....

    ...State officials contend that most of the state hospital workers would be hired by the private partners that are assuming control of the facilities. Several already have signed contracts to retain some currently LSU hospital employees...
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  3. by   TBlase
    Say it ain't so. It seems there is not even any hope left for this field. Nurses in 5 years will be working for mininum wage, and even that will require advanced degrees, and multiple certs, etc. Please tell me why nursing has allowed this to happen to itself? I'm glad I'm old.