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Louisiana Will Stop Providing End-Of-Life Care To Low-Income Americans

  1. 2 In Addition To Taxing The Poor, Louisiana Will Stop Providing End-Of-Life Care To Low-Income Americans

    This week, potential Republican presidential contender Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) rolled out one of the country's most regressive tax proposals, a plan that would shift Louisiana's tax burden away from the wealthy by raising taxes on the bottom 80 percent of state residents. Apparently, the "austerity" measures don't stop there.

    According to New Orleans CBS affiliate WWLTV, Louisiana residents over the age of 21 who are on Medicaid-the public insurance program for disabled and poor Americans-will stop receiving hospice care benefits at the end of this month. That means that low-income Louisianans with terminal illnesses, debilitating disabilities, and chronic long-term medical problems will no longer have access to the essential home and medical care that they need.

    And while the cuts are intended to help the state balance its budget, critics point out that it is more likely to increase health care costs by pushing previously-insured Americans with costly medical conditions into private hospitals and emergency rooms where they will not be able to afford their treatments ...

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    Ya gotta love the Republicans ...
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    This is sickening.
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    Hospice care, especially home hospice, costs far less than a hospital stay. Talk about being penny wise and pound foolish.
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    To be fair, IIRC "Obamacare" or something that came with or after that from the same people also decreased or dropped federal funding for same.


    As always in this country the problem comes down to financials and is only going to get worse for almost everyone.

    Long term care insurance is becoming *very* hard to find on the private market and if you do costs dear. Many companies that sold policies that they now realise cost too little are either raising rates or trying to get out of them.

    Major problem is Medicare is designed and still follows a model of care based upon much of it being done in facilities (nursing homes, etc...), even though such care is far less costly if done in the home. While there has been great efforts towards "aging in place", that seems to only apply to "healthy" average seniors or disabled. Once you start going down the path towards demise and become "expensive" things change.
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    This is one of the most draconian proposals I've seen in a long time. "Compassionate conservatives." And they ranted about Obama's so-called "death panels."
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    Thank you!
    I am glad the governor paid attention to the people.
    ... The Jindal Administration's reversal comes in the wake of public outrage and candlelight vigils over a budget "austerity" proposal that one hospice care provider equated to "throwing away poor people." If enacted, Jindal's plan would have thrown as many as 5,000 terminally ill and disabled Americans receiving hospice care benefits off of public insurance rolls, raising health care costs by forcing sick patients into expensive emergency room care while saving the state a meager $8 million in 2014.
    Instead, the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals will continue funding the benefits through federal grant money, giving sick, low-income Louisianans some much-needed peace of mind. ...

    Lousiana Governor Changes His Mind, Won't Eliminate End-Of-Life Care For The Poor And Disabled | ThinkProgress
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    LOL! He's still not that bright. What was he even thinking that he felt that would be ok??
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    he may be stupid like a fox....perhaps this was a "lightening rod", to distract from other, sl less, draconian things he will come up with.
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    What an idiot.
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    I know there are many wonderful things about America, but really? This is just *messed up. Glad I live where I do.
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    My mother passed this last year on hospice. This is draconian. There should be other cuts made. This is not the American way.
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