Louisiana Will Stop Providing End-Of-Life Care To Low-Income Americans - page 2

In Addition To Taxing The Poor, Louisiana Will Stop Providing End-Of-Life Care To Low-Income Americans This week, potential Republican presidential contender Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) rolled out one of the country’s most... Read More

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    What an idiot.
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    I know there are many wonderful things about America, but really? This is just *messed up. Glad I live where I do.
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    My mother passed this last year on hospice. This is draconian. There should be other cuts made. This is not the American way.
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    Yes, there should be other cuts made but you dare touch the programs with the free hand-outs and there will be an even bigger uproar. When the local news stations posted this on their FB pages, there was nothing but outrage, and to think people re-elected him for a second term. The fact that he even entertained such an idea is ridiculous!!
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    End of life care ought to be a basic human right. I'm sorry, I just find that so saddening to read. There has to be other places to make cuts than palliative care services.
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    Perhaps he could take a pay cut if he is so worried about finances?
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